Greeting and Salutations One and All

Welcome to Common Sense Corner. Unlike social media sites that will take down your posts, suspend your account, shadow ban you, or otherwise stifle you for expressing an opinion contrary to their agenda, here you are encouraged to engage in civil discourse regardless of your opinion. Just make sure you’re wearing your big boy pants before wading in.

I do reserve the right to edit profanity (f*** for example) but I won’t remove it so please try to control yourself. Personal attacks against others will not be tolerated but I, on the other hand, am fair game. Just be aware I have no qualms about getting down in the mud with you.

Threats of physical violence against people posting or their family members or personal property will not be tolerated! I will report them to authorities and I will cooperate with law enforcement to the upmost. As for me personally, God bless the Castle Doctrine.

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About Me

I am a Conservative Constitutionalist with a dash of Libertarianism thrown in.

I am a retired Infantry Paratrooper & Ranger so when I say I’m a rabid patriot you know just how rabid.

If you have a problem with any of this, well, bye-bye, have a nice day and thank you for playing our game.

Finally, be warned…I’m so NOT woke, I’m in a coma!

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