Finally, Somebody With a Pair

Someone is sending a message to the world, or at least to the scumbags who have developed the habit of breaking the law with impunity.

 This headline says it all…“Support building for Republican resolution to authorize military force against Mexican drug cartels, eviscerate those behind the fentanyl crisis.”

Congressman Mike Waltz and Dan Crenshaw, both Republicans, have introduced a resolution calling to “authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for trafficking fentanyl or a fentanyl-related substance into the United States or carrying out other related activities that cause regional destabilization in the Western Hemisphere.”

In military terms it says ‘kick a**, take names, and leave bodies’, which the military is very good at. And there are some units that let the other side set the rules, although officially they’ll deny it.

I realize there is no way this thing will go any further but from what I read its gathering support. One can only hope.

This action is what is needed to bring under control something that’s killing millions of Americans, the majority of them our children. Note I’m not saying stop it because that is next to impossible, but the numbers can be brought way down and we can almost end the drug problem in America. Note I used the word ‘almost” because ending the drug problem in this country is next to impossible unless we change from a democracy to a dictatorship. Am I advocating the invasion of Mexico? No way. It would require an invitation from the Mexican government but given the level of corruption in that government it may require some way to allow U.S. forces to operate basically independent of the Mexican government.

A side benefit could be a drop in the level of illegals crossing into our country. I don’t know how many but given the current numbers anything would be a help.

Given who and what this would involve, it could cause some potentially ugly, very ugly, danger to U.S. military personnel’s families, given who we are talking about here. We know they have no qualms about going after families of anyone who opposes them. That’s why if this were to happen, we play by their rules like in the Godfather…you bring a club, we bring a knife…if you go after my family, and yours will get the same.

I know what they’re saying and I hear the liberal little whiners screaming “that would make us as bad as them!!!”  And your point is? As I said, you bring a club, I’m bringing a knife. You back down, so will I, but if you want to fight dirty, I’ve been in the mud more then you know and generally don’t regret it. And it would happen only if they start it.

Is that extreme? Yes, but look at the other option, that being the worsening of the current status quo.

Carpe Diem

“Shut Up Peasants, We Know What’s Best for You” & Legal(?) Robbery By Your Representatives(?)

I’ve ranted and raved about imposing term limits on the federal level. Lord knows we need it. Those people have gotten to the point where they have dual residence status in our state and DC. But now I’m turning my ire to a more local level.

We, as residents of the great state of North Carolina, need to impose term limits on our local politicians from the state level down. Having said this I just lost what few friends I have in the Republican Party, but my philosophy is professional politicians can and do exist at all levels.

I will be open and admit that I have held my position on the Pleasant Garden Town Council for three terms, which totals 12 years. This is my last term. I am stepping aside because I believe fresh ideas need to be brought in.

Term limits at each level of government from the state on down is something we the people need to establish. A town, city, or county should set their own standards with the state level decided by the people, and this includes the representatives and senators we send to DC. Someone, please show me where it says we cannot do this in any state or federal constitution. After all, those documents are for us, the citizens.

Professional politicians are one of the biggest problems we the people face. It was never the idea when this government, at all levels, was established. The current situation is the quintessential example of why. These people vote their own pay raises and benefits! Show me any other job where you get to do that. Look at a good chunk of Greensboro City Council and the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. Most of them have been there for how long? And don’t tell me they wouldn’t be there if the people didn’t want them.

I won’t even begin to talk about how outside money comes in, from both sides, to influence these elections. These are our elections! This is supposed to be for electing people who will work for us, not some special interest group.

Another aspect of all this, on a local level, is how here in the city, we have 5 schools of “higher education” that have out of state students that are allowed to vote on local (state level on down) issues, including items that result in local tax increases, yet they don’t not pay for them. The Board of Education want to get approval for MULTI-BILLION dollar bonds and invariably they get approved because we have people who have no skin in the game voting for it. What do they care? They don’t pay property taxes here yet they get to put these kinds of tax bills on those that do. They don’t have to live under whatever edicts these Lords and Ladies get passed that affect those of us that do. They don’t have to live under “professional politicians” they help get elected. They put the residents of cities and towns, even the State of North Carolina under financial obligations they don’t have to worry about. We, the residents of the towns, cities, and the State are stuck with them long after these people leave.

I realize I am urinating in fast moving air, but it needs to be said loudly and clearly. And it’ll take people getting off their fourth point of contact and speaking loudly and clearly by voting. You don’t make your voice heard then sit down and take it.

Carpe Diem.

“What This Country Needs Is An Enema”

“What this country needs is an enema.”

Actually, what this country needs is an extremely large overdose of common sense. Why do I say this? Read this headline and say you still don’t understand

“Video: ‘Jesus Saves’ shirt is ‘offending’ Mall of America shoppers, security guard says — and he orders man to remove shirt or get out of the mall”

Sorry for overreacting, but not only has this country gone to hell in a hand basket, but there’s a hole in it and the handle just broke. And if that’s not enough, about a year ago the Mall hosted a drag show for “all ages” in the rotunda.

What makes it worse is that this isn’t an isolated incident. We’re seeing things like this happening way too often all over. Fortunately there are people and places which have the intestinal fortitude to tell them to stick it where the sun never shines. Not enough for me, but there are still some common sense people out there.

What I cannot understand is why people willingly roll over for those very few people who complain they are ‘offended’ by something that the majority of people want to enjoy, but are being told it could bring about the destruction of mankind . And the worst part is the snowflakes that enable them by caving in to their pearl clutching whining. Every time we give in to their ridiculous demands we empower them that much more.

The courts, with their woke attitudes, contribute to it. Should we ignore these people? No, of course not, but we also should not allow them to dictate their standards to the majority of us. We can respect other people’s beliefs but that does not give them the right to force them on us. This situation with the gentleman’s shirt is, in my opinion, the ultimate example. He was being forced to choose between his deeply held personal beliefs or someone being offended by it. Nobody is forced to put up with what offends them. All they have to do is ignore it, tolerate it, or go somewhere else and find others who think like themselves. Nobody says they have to endure it.

It’s called freedom of choice. I, and others like me, gave up years or in some cases their very lives, defending this right…you’re welcome.

Carpe Diem

If You Buy This, You’ll Buy ANYTHING

So the President had classified documents locked in a closet in a building apparently paid for by a Chinese business man for what, 6 years?

Wait, wait…OMG… they just found MORE classified documents in an undisclosed location! But that can’t be. Uncle Joe would NEVER do something like that.

The big question I’m not hearing is who, besides Uncle Joe, would or could sign out classified documents from a government facility and the other question is how those documents could have been gone for all this time and nobody said anything. (Hey Bill, didn’t Biden sign out a bunch of classified stuff a while back?)


A while back, before the midterm elections, when there was talk of finding a way to remove him from office (by his own mob I might point out,) who’s to say this wasn’t discovered and then kept under wraps by comrades in the (National Socialist) Democrat Party a while back. Can you say President Harris? I knew you could.


Then there are all those whiny liberals that were out there claiming this was just a minor mistake, unlike President Trump’s situation. I wonder what’s being said now. And I believe Trump at least had them in a secured container, not a closet. Even CNN (the Communist News Network) is piling on!

The fact that Hillary Clinton put classified State Department emails on an unprotected server in a bathroom closet was not deemed a problem.  Nor was it a problem for Hillary to fax classified documents to her home where the domestic help with no security clearance neatly stacked them up for her.  Nor was it a problem when Hillary refused to use her secure State Department cell phone in foreign countries, like China, but instead used her unsecure personal cell phone which accidently got smashed to smithereens by a hammer.  

So I don’t see why it’s a problem for Uncle Joe to leave a pile of classified documents behind in whatever office he was using, for whatever reason.  

Of course, it’s a major crime for Trump to even see a classified document because after all he is Trump.

The sad thing is that is how the mainstream media is going to report it and Americans who read or watch will swallow the hypocrisy hook, line and sinker.  Chris would sadly be one of those.

Since my initial writing of this post, there has been documents found in his garage (but they WERE locked in with his ‘vet so it’s alright according to him) and more in his home in two different places. Yet Joe, time and time again, acted like he had no idea about anything that was done wrong. He’s either very cagey (big doubt) or so ate up he shouldn’t be allowed to have comic books let alone classified materials (most likely).

And the worst part of all this is they think the American people are so stupid (remember, ignorance can be cured, stupidity is forever) and gullible to believe doddering Uncle Joe did nothing wrong.

Remember the Hildabeast and her methods of handling classified material? Folks, they are convinced We the People are dumb enough to by the pile of horse hockey they are trying to push. And until we stand up and not just call them out, but demand…DEMAND they be held accountable for all this.

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall

Proud Descendant Of A Confederate Officer

Back in 2021, a commission was empaneled to eliminate all references to Confederate people and places on military installations and vessels. Ft. Bragg is being renamed Ft. Liberty and all the streets and roads with the names of Confederate soldiers and campaigns will be renamed as well.

West Point has removed pictures and references to Gen. Robert E. Lee as well as other Confederate officers. Navy ships are going to be renamed. Statues and memorials on any and all military installations are being removed.

Before I go further, for the record, I found out that I had a relative that took command of the left wing of the Confederate charge at Gettysburg when the commanding general was killed. He died just as they made it to the Union lines. And for the record, I’m damn proud to be his descendant, just like I’m proud of my uncle who died as a prisoner of the Japanese in WWII.

Speaking as a proud career soldier from a family with a long military background all the way back to the founding of this country, I find this politically correct, woke, bow to the BLM mob disgusting. If there was ever a time to curse these “people’s representatives” it’s now, and I mean all of them. We as an American people need to rise up and make our voices heard to these whiny politicians and make it known they have gone too far.

The Civil War was and is a part of our history that, while bad, is not something that should be forgotten. As a country we learned from it. And it must be remembered that those that fought but lost did so for things they believed in. Giving in to these spineless crybabies dishonors honorable men. Men who fought and died for what they believed in are now being dishonored.

I have been and will undoubtedly continue to be called racist for my missive, and quite frankly I don’t care. Anyone that knows me, knows my family and my beliefs on how people should be treated. I don’t care the color of your skin, your sexual orientation (note, my baby brother was gay but I didn’t care, he’s my step-brother who I always continued to treat and defend as my BROTHER because I loved and respected him.), or your religious beliefs as long as you are not trying to force me to treat you differently because of them. Two of my role models in the military were black, but again I didn’t care. They were the kind of soldiers I wanted to be.

Based on what those that throws stones, they need to remember that the land they own and live on was taken by force by white settlers from Native Americans and they were forced to move hundreds of miles from their homelands and live where WHITE PEOPLE forced them to go so they could live there. Defend that.

If they, the butt hurt whiny liberals that think they can rewrite history in order to make themselves feel better, then tear down all the memorials and statues to the Vietnam War. And what about the Mexican-American war?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana. Or as it’s often misquoted, “Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”

Everyone needs to read a book written by George Orwell called “1984” in order to get an idea what these people are trying to do, and how they’re doing it.

Carpe Diem.

And I Always Thought It Was About We The People

With the fight going on over the Speaker position, I got kind of curious about who is being paid what for what they do in the House and what I found was, to say the least, amazing…amazing and disheartening. Please keep in mind all these numbers are YOUR TAX DOLLARS! And this is not everything these ‘professional politicians” get while in office. And as I have pointed out before the term “professional politicians” does not necessarily apply to all of them. There are some, like the late Honorable Howard Coble, who has actually worked for the benefit of the people and, in my opinion, should serve as an example of how politicians should behave and perform.

As of December 2014, the annual salary of each Representative is $174,000, the same as it is for each member of the Senate. The Speaker of the House and the majority and minority leaders earn more: $223,500 for the speaker and $193,400 for their party leaders (the same as Senate leaders).

House members are eligible for a Member’s Representational Allowance (MRA) to support them in their official and representational duties to their district. The MRA is calculated based on three components: one for personnel, one for official office expenses and one for official or franked mail. The personnel allowance is the same for all members; the office and mail allowances vary based on the members’ district’s distance from Washington, D.C., the cost of office space in the member’s district, and the number of non-business addresses in their district. These three components are used to calculate a single MRA that can fund any expense—even though each component is calculated individually, the franking allowance can be used to pay for personnel expenses if the member so chooses. In 2011 this allowance averaged $1.4 million per member, and ranged from $1.35 to $1.67 million.

franking: to print a mark on a stamp so that the stamp cannot be used again, or to print a mark on an envelope to show that the cost of sending it has been paid. Last time I checked, email doesn’t require a stamp.

The Personnel allowance was $944,671 per member in 2010. Each member may employ no more than 18 permanent employees. Members’ employees’ salary is capped at $168,411 as of 2009. I’m still looking into if those numbers have gone up.

This is your tax dollars at work and is probably a strong reason why these “professional politicians” work so hard to stay in office. Who wouldn’t want a job where you really don’t do squat and make all that money. And try looking up their retirement options. They become eligible to receive benefits after five years of service (two and one-half terms in the House). A G.I. has to serve 20 years minimum and gets 50% of their base pay.

The Founding Fathers did not see this service as a profession yet that is what it has become.

Although this has been a rant about THEM at a national level, there is plenty of the same kind of…crap…happening at the state level. An example; look at the district that basically follows an interstate almost the entire length of the state. What is that? These “professional politicians”, at the state/local level take every opportunity to redraw districts in attempts to benefit them and their party. What about what is best for US, We the People?

Oh, that’s right; we are just chattel to them; just the way to the means.

 Think about it you peasants.

Carpe Diem

Invasive And Of Little Value

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and the mainstream media are having a field day with George Santos and the lies he’s apparently told.

But step back a moment and think this through. The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their lackeys are high fiving each other over this while at the same time continuing to lie to the American people on a bigger scale than what Santos did, and trying to paint the whole Republican Party as just as guilty.

Are they guilty; to some extent, yes. But if you want to start playing tit-for-tat, I think you’d find the (NS)DP would be way ahead. Not just ahead, but when you start looking at what those lies involve, the American people should be afraid, be very afraid. Lies hurt, but (NS)DP lies don’t just hurt, they are destructive to the American people and our way of life, and in one case border on treason.

Lies in politics are almost a way of life going back to just after the founding of this country. The problem with today versus back then is these bloodsu… I mean politicians, is that they have become a professional class, albeit one that We the People have allowed to continue to become what it is. They’re like the stands of bamboo you see around our state: very invasive and of little value.

The federal government was not envisioned or supposed to be as invasive as it has become. When some whiny liberal gets spanked and told no, you can’t do that, they somehow manage to convince some overlord at the federal level to take it away from us at the local/state level and force it on us. Abortion is a classic example. There are some things that need to be controlled at the federal level but they are increasingly adding things the feds have no business being involved in and ignoring things they should be taking care of to the safety and protection of American citizens, the southern border being another classic example.

Imagine how much of our money we’d keep. We the People have allowed this to happen and we can change it … or we can continue to wring our hands and whine about it and empower our overlords more and more.

“I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” – Patrick Henry, American patriot.

Carpe Diem or roll over.

Hearings and Hearings and Hearings, Oh My

With Republicans talking about how they are planning “hearings” on this and that, the main one being the border crisis, I only have one question. When will the hearings end and action begin? In other words, you know the problem, you’ve KNOWN the problem, and so what are you going to do about it? The (National Socialist) Democrat Party decided to hold “hearings” on the January 6th event but seemed to be focusing who they can blame, not on WHY it happen.

Here’s a hint for all those professional politicians both Republican and Democrat…We the People are P.O.ed and want action, not a bunch of overpaid suits sitting around talking about it!

Republicans, if you haven’t got the answers by now, and don’t try this ‘we need hearings to get the answers’ crap, YOU need to be fired NOW, and replaced by someone who has a brain and a pair (go ahead Chris, cry sexist) and will take action. Am I talking about overthrowing the government? No, I am talking about throwing them out and replacing them with someone who’ll take action, not talk.

I once wrote a letter about how we need to build a wall around D.C., put up dummy cameras in the House and Senate chambers and let those clowns talk while we set up a new Capital in the Midwest, vote in people (with term limits) who are serious about this country, and get back what we lost. Is anybody else for that?

Look at this $1.7 trillion budget they passed. It’s a legal vote buying scam. Look at their salaries…6 figures? And those stables of gofers and assistants they maintain, again on our dime. How about this, you pay them out of YOUR salary. Can you imagine how much we taxpayers could save?

But keep in mind it’s not just the professional politicians who are at fault here. There is one other group who carries blame. Who is it? Look in the mirror. As the old Toyota commercial goes, “You asked for it, you got it…” The majority of the American people, through their lack of a desire to vote, have done this. They sat around and let the graduates of the P.T. Barnum School of Politicians and Their Lackeys slowly take control.

Do I blame all politicians? No, there are some good ones. What we need to do is isolate them and do whatever we can to protect them from the being lured to the dark side by Those That Cannot Be Named.

I’m going to be called a right-wing radical, a danger to society, a wacko, etc. and I don’t care. What are people going to try to do, get me fired? Go ahead. I get military retirement, military disability, and S.S. so go ahead, make my day.

Carpe Diem, and Come Take Them.

Bend Over (Again) America

So the Senate passed the $1.7 trillion budget, a new record unless I’m not wrong. This is a partial list of what is in that thing.

$410 million allocated “enhanced border security” in the countries of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and Tunisia, but of the $230 million allocated to “acquisition and deployment of border security technologies”, but the bill appears to prohibit funding specifically for improving ‘border control processing.’

$575 million is assigned to “family planning/reproductive health” in areas where “population growth threatens bio-diversity or endangered species.” so the spotted owl can have as many chicks as it wants but you can’t.

A federal building in San Francisco, California, will be designated as the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building, and in Georgia, Representative Hank Johnson (D-Ga.). The allocation on this boondoggle? $65 million. Also requested is $3.6 million for a “Michelle Obama Trail”

Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, will receive $3 million for an “American LGBTQ+ Museum”. Up to $200 million will be made available for the “gender equity and equality action fund,” which can also be made available to “promote democracy” and “gender programs in Pakistan.”

According to my calculator that comes to $1,483,000,003.6 TRILLION dollars. And that’s not including the operating cost for running the government. Someone please check this to make sure I got it right.

Are there pork barrel projects inserted by Republicans? No doubt. It’s a known fact bloodsuc… I mean politicians insert things to buy votes. But remember, this is your money. This is those taxes you pay every year. Oh, and not just you but businesses as well. Oh, I’m sorry, not businesses, because once again it’s you that pay it, most of the time, when those businesses pass it on to the consumer. And I don’t blame them because they have to make money as well. Remember, this stuff doesn’t just magically appear.

Uncle Joe and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party don’t care. They have ways of taking care of their own, and do. I will note (Chris), the Republicans don’t have clean hands in this. They can be just as bad, just not on this scale. And remember the (NS) Democrat Party is moving as fast as they can before they lose control in January.

As I have said, the Republican Party isn’t completely clean on this. They’ve done their share of this kind of thing. Both sides need to remember WHERE this money comes from. And in case there are those that think it’s the government, WRONG. It’s our money…mine and your money that WE work hard to earn, or at least we used to, but that’s a different letter.

When you see those high prices and hear those professional politicians trying to sell it as those merchants and manufacturers gouging us…WRONG again. It’s them, the professional politicians, that create these costly regulations and restrictions, most likely at their benefit.

What are you going to do America? Are you going to just forget it in 2 years or are you going to hold these bloodsuc…I mean politicians responsible?

Carpe Diem