What Memorial Day is All About

Memorial Day…a day set aside for the purpose of honoring those that laid down their lives for this country, those that call it home, and what it stands for.

After doing some research, I found I had a relative that was a Major in the Continental Army in Ohio during the Revolutionary War. He is buried in Hamilton Ohio and was designated “A Hero of the Revolution”. I had a relative who was a Colonel in the Confederate Army who commanded NC regiments at Picketts Charge. When Pettigrew was killed during the charge he took command of the Division and led them to the Union line where he was killed after telling his men “some of us won’t survive this day”.  I had an uncle who joined the Navy right after Pearl Harbor and was assigned to the hospital in Manila, was captured at the fall of the Philippines, was a member of the Bataan Death March and placed on a “hell ship” with 1100 other American POWs bound for what is now Taiwan, but because the Japanese did not mark the ship with a large “P” indicating prisoners of war were on board, the ship was attacked and sank by American submarines killing all but 4 men on board. My uncle was not one of the survivors.

While we veterans appreciate the kind words and the “Thank you for your service” but please, please, please remember that Memorial Day is for those that served and paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country. We surviving veterans and active duty personnel remember them every day. All we ask is you go to a memorial near you and say those words to honor those that are no longer here. Then look around you and see what they willingly gave up their lives for and drop to one knee and say those words again.

On behalf of my relatives and all the others that paid that price they reply “You’re welcome”.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “A democracy…if you can keep it”

God rest their souls and God Bless America

Alan Marshall

SFC, Retired

United States Army

Let’s Play Joe Biden Baseball

Illegal aliens who are invading our country apparently are more important than American citizens. While American mothers are scrambling to find enough baby formula to properly feed their children and having to pay unholy prices for it when they can find it, the Biden regime is holding pallets and pallets of formula to distribute to illegal alien mothers FOR FREE. No Chris, I’m not saying they should be totally cut off, but 1st and top priority should be to AMERICANS! On a battlefield your casualties come first due to the tight supply of materials.


Drugs and drug use is killing more and more Americans, a good number of whom are kids, but instead of trying to provide support to the organizations and entities that are working to at least try to get control of the situation and reduce if not eliminate the problem, the regime does the opposite and provides DRUG USE KITS to its citizens. They appear to ignore the fact that more and more of the illegal drugs coming into this country are laced with deadly fentanyl. They already support drug clinics that provide “safe sources” of drugs and a place to use them.


Gas and diesel prices are going up faster than a Saturn 5 rocket headed to the moon. And the regime is the main, primary, almost sole reason for this. The very first day in office Crazy Uncle Joe signed an edict killing nearly completed two pipelines that would have given the U.S. and Canada the ability to not just be energy independent but to take away the massive profits going to countries that have treated us like surfs. Imagine what kind of economy we would have if that money stayed here. Imagine how low gas prices would have been.


“Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aide of their country!” Am I advocating a revolt? No…at least not yet.

What I am advocating is level headed, clear thinking, legal American citizens get involved in the one way they can make it happen…get out and vote. Use the God given right so many of our ancestors died defending. And then hold those you choose responsible to do the right thing.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try”

Carpe Diem!

Alan Marshall

For Vets Old & New

I wanted to step back from the usual ranting about politics and share something that I know all veterans R & D alike can relate to. This is a salute to all who have worn the uniform of the American military at one time or another.

I found this is an article on a military/veteran website and have to say this one is so, so true.

In the back of every veteran’s closet, you’re likely to find some old uniforms, dusty caps, a stack of medical, training, and discharge records… maybe a few ribbons or medals. But these are just a few of the typical things that separated or retired service members keep with them. Other things, they’re stuck with forever.

So we compiled a list of the more non-traditional things that veterans carry for life.

  1. An incessant need to roll socks
  2. Bad knees
  3. The misguided idea that ibuprofen and fresh socks will cure any ailment
  4. Tinnitus. ZNNNNNNNNNG.
  5. The ability to sleep anywhere
  6. The plight of not being able to sleep at all
  7. Old combat boots. They’re great for mowing the lawn or a trip to Home Depot.
  8. Fear of tape tests
  9. Issues with authority figures
  10. Back pain
  11. T-shirts from strange events and places they don’t remember going
  12. A woobie that has seen better days.
  13. A swearing problem that is FUBAR
  14. A love/hate relationship with acronyms
  15. Total disdain for PowerPoint
  16. Scars from barracks shenanigans gone awry
  17. A few ugly divorces
  18. A truck they bought after gaining some sense and selling that Camaro they financed at 27% APR
  19. Some weird strip club stories
  20. Sleep apnea
  21. Bad tattoos that seemed like a really good idea at the time
  22. Boxy brown t-shirts that somehow have sweat stains in a different, more gross shade of brown
  23. A deeply stained, never-before-washed coffee mug that they tell everyone is “seasoned”

To all that have worn the uniform, I hope you enjoyed this and in spite of the ugly things that may have happened during your service brought a sigh and a smile.

Alan Marshall



Constitution 101

As the fight over the Roe v. Wade situation continues and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party continues its campaign of lies and fear mongering to keep its robot foot soldiers motivated, one thing I haven’t seen much of – the people with the knowledge and common sense reminding people that if this happens it doesn’t mean a total ban on abortions but gives the decision back to where it belongs, that being the individual States and, by that, the people and not those that see themselves as our masters.

All the ruckus and violence shows a glaring lack of education and basic understanding of the Constitution and what it says. When I was in school (yes, it was a log cabin) one of the required classes for graduation was the U.S. government, which I found fascinating. It was not this civics crap taught today but how the government was formed, how it operates and, the most important the part, the Constitution and how it guides and controls the federal government, or at least how it’s supposed to.

After the First and Second Amendments, I believe the most important Amendment is the 10th. I’ll save you the trouble of trying to look it up.

The 10th Amendment reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

How much more simple can it be? If the Constitution doesn’t say this is the responsibility of the federal government, then it’s the power and responsibility of the individual states, and thus the people, to decide what and how it will work. And it was up to the members of the House of Representatives to act for the people. The senators were to be selected by the state government as representatives for the state, which is why every state has varying numbers of representatives based on population but every state has two senators regardless of population size. When the change was made to elect senators by the popular vote of the people instead of the state government, the power of the states was eliminated and given to the federal government, thus giving that body all the power.

Think of how much smaller we could make the federal government. Think of how much more control we the people would have over our lives.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall

1984…Just a Little Late

Welcome to 1984…the concept, not the year. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend you do so you can get an idea of where Biden and the (National Socialist) Democrat party are working to take this country.

They’re starting by creating the Disinformation Governance Board, better known as the Ministry of Truth. And the worst part is they are trying to convince us that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the Board that will be housed within his department will not monitor U.S. citizens. Given this man’s track record for telling the truth, I wouldn’t believe him if he told me it was raining until I walked outside and got wet. I’ve always had a problem with the creation of the Homeland Security department because of the lack of transparency but that’s another subject.

If this “Governance Board” is not going to monitor American citizens, who is it going to monitor? We need to keep in mind exactly what the governance means. From the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

“The act or process of governing or overseeing the control and direction of something (such as a country or an organization)”

My question is why there is not more outrage by American citizens over this. This blatant disregard for our freedom, this blatant disregard for the very cornerstone of what makes this country what it is, this blatant disregard for all the lives that have been given from the founding of this country to today. They are urinating on the graves of every one of those patriots and laughing at the same time.

My other question is where are the real Americans that are prepared to do whatever is necessary to stop this obvious attempt at aborting that which makes this country that “shining beacon on the hill” that people from other countries willingly give up years of their lives and their hard earned money to become citizens of the U.S.A.

We have the ability and the power to peacefully change this. It’s called the ballot box. Every legal citizen over the age of 18 can have a hand in making that change.

As President Abraham Lincoln said at Gettysburg “…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Of, by, for the people. That says it all.

Alan Marshall   

Strong Men Stand While Weak Ones Run

Apparently someone did a survey and found that something like 70-80% of (National Socialist) Democrats would flee the country if the U.S. faced a situation similar to that of Ukraine while over 80% of Republicans/Conservatives would stand and fight. We are surprised by this why?

The Russians are reported to have bombed a children’s hospital resulting in in a reported 3 dead and hundreds wounded. The news reports are implying it was an intentional strike but based on experience, I have my doubts it was “targeted”, but it regardless it is a war crime and needs to be punished.

Then you have the Chernobyl reactor situation. As crazy as Putin is, I have to wonder if that, again as reported, was an intentionally targeted strike on the reactor itself. Remember, in warfare propaganda is a cheap, easy, and effective weapon anybody can employ some better than others.

Currently we have “third world countries” who we have allowed to become, to some extent, our puppet masters because we have to rely on them for our fuel requirements. Now we see exactly where we stand when you have these “third world countries” refusing…REFUSING…to answer the phone when our supposed ‘leader’ tries to call them! Can we get much more humiliated? Can we continue to call ourselves one of, if not the most powerful, country in the world?

I like to use the analogy of water circling the drain to make my point that we are in trouble and frankly I’m starting to see down the pipe. Initially I viewed the election of Bumbling Biden and his token choice of Harris as his Assistant Ding-Dong as a bad joke with a 4 year lifespan. Then he came out and said he would only select a “woman of color” as his nomination choice for the Supreme Court. Forget qualifications and experience. And don’t forget that without his (National Socialist) Democrat handlers/controllers this could and would not happen.

The Biden/Harris/ (National Socialist) Democrat comedy team is no longer a joke. They present the most dangerous combination of power hungry ‘leaders’ since the Nazi party. There, I said it, I used the “N” word and will stand by it. These people want absolute power and will go to any extent, including destroying this great country, to gain and secure their power. Who does that sound like?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Alan Marshall


A Salute to Specialist 4th Class Bishop Evans, Hero

They just announced that they found the body of Specialist 4th Class Bishop Evans, a member of the Texas National Guard and part of the mission on the border between Texas and Mexico. He jumped into the river when he spotted two illegal border crossers trying to swim across the river who appeared to be drowning. He lost his life trying to save them.

These were two illegal border crossers (strike one) carrying illegal drugs (strike two) into our country (strike three). How often had they done this and were they ever caught before this? Did they report the loss of Specialist Evans or did someone else?

At this point I dare … dare anyone … anyone to speak disparagingly about Specialist Evans. I am 69 years old but I’ll gladly meet you on the courthouse steps and, while I may not win the fight, I will do my best to show you how soldiers stand together.

Specialist Evans served in the National Guard after serving on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting Special Forces and other active duty units.  And for anyone who speaks disparagingly of this man just because he was black, I and an overwhelming majority of Americans want a piece of you. As I used to tell my soldiers “skin color doesn’t mean squat. It’s what runs under it that is the only important factor.”

Biden and his administration have a share of blame in the loss of this brave and unselfish soldier. But I’m sure all we are going to hear is lip service from him and the other toadies under him. I wouldn’t want him or his flunkies at the funeral. This includes his main flunky the VP. She would only show up because he was black.

Specialist Bishop Evans, I salute you, sir. I would’ve been proud to have had you as one of my men. I can only hope that you are awarded the Soldier’s Medal, which for those that don’t know is the highest peacetime medal that can be awarded. It is the peacetime equivalent of the Medal of Honor.

Biden, this hero’s blood is on your hands, yours and the rest of you ilk.  But unlike this soldier’s family and friends, I know you will sleep at night with no problem.

All service members, active, reservists, non-active and retired take a moment and render a hand salute to this man.

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage all readers to email the Governer of Texas and encourage him to posthumosly promote Specialist Evans to the rank of Sergeant in order for any dependents of Specialist Evans to receive a higher level of benefits.

Alan Marshall, USA, Retired

Common Sense? I Don’t Need No Common Sense!

Just when you think the Dem/lib mob have hit rock bottom in their drive to destroy this wonderful country, good old Uncle Joe finds a way to use his seemingly bottomless source of political stupidity to amaze us.

Illegals having entered the U.S. basically unchallenged are not only allowed to stay, not only fed, housed, and taken care of for months on our dime then relocated to various parts of OUR country (in many cases secretly) and turned loose with little to no tracking and a promise from them to show up for a hearing, Crazy Uncle Joe screamed “Wait…I got more!!! Let’s give each of them hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to show how sorry we are about how Bad Orange Man and his minions treated them!!!”

I am not making this up!!! And there are Dem/libs applauding this! Most are staying silent, which is just as bad. The numbers I heard was $900,000 for an ILLEGAL FAMILY of 3. In addition to the ungodly budget proposal in the trillions of dollars they want to give BILLIONS of YOUR dollars to non-citizen lawbreakers for invading our country not only unchallenged but are being openly and actively aided by these traitors. But let a man like Mark Robinson strongly and openly defy this same mob by fighting to protect NC schoolchildren from the LGBTQ community’s attempt to make their lifestyles appear normal and acceptable.

Biden’s plan needs to be killed NOW! And if the Democrat party wants to maintain what little bit of sensibility and moral standing they have with independent voters they need to be the first ones to stand up and say…no, scream “not NO, but HELL NO!!!” Anything less will show their true colors, their true feelings, and their true opinion of the American people.

It is at this point I would like to remind hardworking true Americans, Republican, conservative, and unaffiliated/independent that YOU need to be out there. YOU need to quit sitting quietly on the sidelines and get in the fight! YOU are the people that will make the difference.

WE THE PEOPLE need to rein in these out of control politicians and remind them who is in charge, that being WE THE PEOPLE! Failure to do so is a giant leap towards socialism and the end of America as we know it.

Mark Robinson for Governor!!!

Alan Marshall

How Much More Uncle Joe?

During my 20+ years as a soldier I participated in many military operations both well publicized and some low key. Most went pretty much as planned and some not so much.

All that having been said, the…circus…we sat and watched at the airport in Kabul was a wonderful example of what we have to look forward to from The Uncle Joe Show for as long as we allow it. It became tragic near the end when 13 of my Brothers and Sisters were killed by suicide bombers.

Retaliation was required. What was Uncle Joe going to do?  Of course, this is an excellent opportunity to introduce his master military stratagem he named “Over the Horizon Strike” No more military casualties! Remote control revenge!

The strike is launched, a truck load of suicide “martyrs” the target. “Multiple explosions” erupted. Multiple suicide bombers stopped by Joe and his new military strategy……..NOT!

One source says after an exhaustive 8+ hours of reconnaissance by what was reported to have been TALIBAN personnel a Predator drone launched a Hellfire missile and killed …wait for it… AN AFGHAN AID WORKER AND UP TO 9 OF HIS CHILDREN LOADING WATER FOR REFUGEES!!!

  Right after the strike but before someone else pointed out that it was civilians…local aid workers and children…Biden and his cronies were high fiving each other over their ‘retaliatory strike’ before bothering to confirm who and what they did. I will give them credit for admitting (reluctantly and much later) they misidentified the target and had not verified what the target was before making the hit. Or they let themselves be used by the Taliban to give us one last black eye.

 What has me concerned (and scared pants-less) is all of this, plus what has happened on our southern border up to now, is just the beginning. If this is what he can do in 10 months, God help us for the next 3 years. The only saving grace is that there is another election in 2 years where we have a chance to at least gain the majority in the Legislative branch and minimize the damage until 2024. Until then, we as conservatives must hold our ground. We must stand together or hang separately. The choice is ours.

And has anyone noticed how we have heard little to nothing about this from the other dangerous person in this Administration? Oh, that’s right; she hasn’t been given her script yet.

The question I have for the RNC, at ALL levels national to local is, are you keeping notes? And are you going to use this and everything else that has been done to the American people in 2012 and 2014? As I see it the DNC is writing the campaigns for the RNC in detail. I’m asking…I’m BEGGING the RNC don’t screw this up. Don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Finally, I want to apologize profusely to those of you that were and are following my blog for my absence and lack of entries. There were (and are) health issues and I’ve pretty much gotten them under control.

God Bless you All.


If it weren’t for the fact that the results are causing so much harm to the American people, the recent actions and comments by Biden would be perfect material for comedians everywhere.

He cancelled the pipeline, resulting in thousands of Americans losing their jobs at the stroke of a pen and causing gas prices to begin to rise.  He wrings his hands and whines about the Russians building theirs after he asks them to stop. And guess what?  It’s been recently reported American pipeline workers are supposedly now working on that one.


He puts Kamala in charge of the border situation and then watches and does nothing when it’s pointed out that she has yet to actually go to the border to assess the situation and begin working on a plan.


He gets upset and insulting towards graduating Coast Guard cadets while giving a commencement speech because they didn’t react to it the same way a class did in 1988 when President Ronal Reagan used the exact same line, which got raucous cheers and applause. And, yes, he plagiarized the comment word for word from President Reagan’s speech without acknowledging his source.


He and his administration took steps to incentivize people that were out of work to not try to get a job by paying them more not to work then they would make working.

Seriously? (Fortunately, state legislatures finally began to grow a pair and began refusing the federal money and making people who quit looking for work reconsider their situation.)

Now you have the (National Socialist) Democrat Party forming a commission to investigate the 1/6 episode that took place in D.C. And speaking of that event, it’s been reported there are people that were arrested on misdemeanor charges yet are being kept in solitary confinement awaiting trial.  I’m trying to find confirmation on that.

Now we have Biden trying to be on the side of both Israel and Iran-backed Hamas at the same time.

The truly funny and at the same scary part of all of this is it’s real. It’s happening, almost every day.  Who knows what is happening that we don’t hear about.  And worst, who knows what’s coming.

Biden is being compared to Carter, and I think that’s unfair … to Carter.  I think Carter really believed he was doing good, unlike Biden the puppet.

Alan Marshall