A U.S. Government Class

The following is from the Constitution Center. It a missive about the formation, duties, and, in my opinion, the damage done by the 17th Amendment which was passed in 1913. When the Constitution was written Article 1, Section 3 required Senators to be selected by and answer to the State Legislature. The 17th Amendment changedContinue reading “A U.S. Government Class”

Spoiled Children Throwing A Potentially Dangerous Tantrum

This is a letter I just posted to the Rhino Times Letter to the Editor section. Watch for it and the replies I get. The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their various foot soldiers, strong-arm men, and other toadies will not be happy until this country finds itself plunged into a second civil war. TheContinue reading “Spoiled Children Throwing A Potentially Dangerous Tantrum”