Finally, Somebody With a Pair

Someone is sending a message to the world, or at least to the scumbags who have developed the habit of breaking the law with impunity.  This headline says it all…“Support building for Republican resolution to authorize military force against Mexican drug cartels, eviscerate those behind the fentanyl crisis.” Congressman Mike Waltz and Dan Crenshaw, bothContinue reading “Finally, Somebody With a Pair”

“Shut Up Peasants, We Know What’s Best for You” & Legal(?) Robbery By Your Representatives(?)

I’ve ranted and raved about imposing term limits on the federal level. Lord knows we need it. Those people have gotten to the point where they have dual residence status in our state and DC. But now I’m turning my ire to a more local level. We, as residents of the great state of NorthContinue reading ““Shut Up Peasants, We Know What’s Best for You” & Legal(?) Robbery By Your Representatives(?)”

“What This Country Needs Is An Enema”

“What this country needs is an enema.” Actually, what this country needs is an extremely large overdose of common sense. Why do I say this? Read this headline and say you still don’t understand “Video: ‘Jesus Saves’ shirt is ‘offending’ Mall of America shoppers, security guard says — and he orders man to remove shirtContinue reading ““What This Country Needs Is An Enema””

If You Buy This, You’ll Buy ANYTHING

So the President had classified documents locked in a closet in a building apparently paid for by a Chinese business man for what, 6 years? Wait, wait…OMG… they just found MORE classified documents in an undisclosed location! But that can’t be. Uncle Joe would NEVER do something like that. The big question I’m not hearingContinue reading “If You Buy This, You’ll Buy ANYTHING”

Proud Descendant Of A Confederate Officer

Back in 2021, a commission was empaneled to eliminate all references to Confederate people and places on military installations and vessels. Ft. Bragg is being renamed Ft. Liberty and all the streets and roads with the names of Confederate soldiers and campaigns will be renamed as well. West Point has removed pictures and references toContinue reading “Proud Descendant Of A Confederate Officer”

And I Always Thought It Was About We The People

With the fight going on over the Speaker position, I got kind of curious about who is being paid what for what they do in the House and what I found was, to say the least, amazing…amazing and disheartening. Please keep in mind all these numbers are YOUR TAX DOLLARS! And this is not everythingContinue reading “And I Always Thought It Was About We The People”

Invasive And Of Little Value

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and the mainstream media are having a field day with George Santos and the lies he’s apparently told. But step back a moment and think this through. The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their lackeys are high fiving each other over this while at the same time continuing to lieContinue reading “Invasive And Of Little Value”

Hearings and Hearings and Hearings, Oh My

With Republicans talking about how they are planning “hearings” on this and that, the main one being the border crisis, I only have one question. When will the hearings end and action begin? In other words, you know the problem, you’ve KNOWN the problem, and so what are you going to do about it? TheContinue reading “Hearings and Hearings and Hearings, Oh My”

Bend Over (Again) America

So the Senate passed the $1.7 trillion budget, a new record unless I’m not wrong. This is a partial list of what is in that thing. $410 million allocated “enhanced border security” in the countries of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and Tunisia, but of the $230 million allocated to “acquisition and deployment of border securityContinue reading “Bend Over (Again) America”