Common Sense? I Don’t Need No Common Sense!

Just when you think the Dem/lib mob have hit rock bottom in their drive to destroy this wonderful country, good old Uncle Joe finds a way to use his seemingly bottomless source of political stupidity to amaze us. Illegals having entered the U.S. basically unchallenged are not only allowed to stay, not only fed, housed,Continue reading “Common Sense? I Don’t Need No Common Sense!”

Education or Indoctrination

One has to wonder who is running this country’s public education system, the states and local municipalities or national teachers unions. You have several local public school systems, and I emphasize the word ‘local’, that are kowtowing to the national teachers unions, ignoring the needs of the children on the local level and using thisContinue reading “Education or Indoctrination”

Slight of Hand at It’s Best

Unless you’re paying close to what the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo is doing in the Congress you are not aware of their low profile actions to virtually lockdown their tenuous hold on the Senate by getting Washington D.C. and possibly Puerto Rico statehood status, giving each of them 2 votes in the Senate, votes thatContinue reading “Slight of Hand at It’s Best”

A War for the Soul of America

More and more we are seeing the situation at the southern border deteriorating to the point that for all intents and purposes there is no control. The current administration took a system that was working, maybe not as well as it could but was at least getting something done, and almost immediately cancelled it withoutContinue reading “A War for the Soul of America”

Are We A Country In Crisis?

Many would think that something as massive as the Covid-19 pandemic would breach things like political obstacles simply because of the fact that it doesn’t care what your political beliefs are. And if you were talking just about the pandemic itself you’d be right. The problem is it’s gone beyond that. If there was everContinue reading “Are We A Country In Crisis?”