Are We A Country In Crisis?

Many would think that something as massive as the Covid-19 pandemic would breach things like political obstacles simply because of the fact that it doesn’t care what your political beliefs are. And if you were talking just about the pandemic itself you’d be right. The problem is it’s gone beyond that. If there was ever an apolitical subject, this is it. But the only way that’s going to come out is if both sides concede that the other side was just as important in getting us where we are in defeating this crisis.

Operatives in the Biden administration are doing their best to make it appear that the Trump administration was all talk but no action and it was them, the Biden people that actually got the ball rolling. I have heard one individual; I believe he was a senior White House individual on Covid that actually, reluctantly gave credit to the Trump administration for their part in getting the ball rolling and creating the base for the vaccine rollout which has led to the rapid surge in vaccinations under the Biden administration.

Yes, I give credit to both Administrations for where we are at this point. To do anything else would be disingenuous and divisive. But to hear the Biden mouthpieces tell it, all progress…all progress…is the result of the Biden Administration.

Now let’s get down to the real elephant in the room. In my opinion all of this is NOT the Biden Administration talking. It is in reality the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo using him as their cover to operate and pass legislation they want. They have taken distraction to the nth degree. The Pelosi/Schumer/Harris triumvirate with the Democrat majority in both houses of Congress has all the power they need to ram through virtually anything they want, along with occasional help from the RINOs in both chambers. The term for this is ‘one party rule’, something the ‘rats have only dreamed of up to now.

Getting this power was the first step. The next is maintaining it, and we’re seeing the start of that with H.R.1 which, if allowed to stand, is the beginning of the end of our current form government, a Representative Democracy, and the beginning of up to now I have jokingly referred to as a (National Socialist) Democrat Party.

Now more than ever We the People need to stand up and be heard.

Alan Marshall

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