Let’s Play Joe Biden Baseball

Illegal aliens who are invading our country apparently are more important than American citizens. While American mothers are scrambling to find enough baby formula to properly feed their children and having to pay unholy prices for it when they can find it, the Biden regime is holding pallets and pallets of formula to distribute toContinue reading “Let’s Play Joe Biden Baseball”

1984…Just a Little Late

Welcome to 1984…the concept, not the year. If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend you do so you can get an idea of where Biden and the (National Socialist) Democrat party are working to take this country. They’re starting by creating the Disinformation Governance Board, better known as the Ministry of Truth. AndContinue reading “1984…Just a Little Late”

Strong Men Stand While Weak Ones Run

Apparently someone did a survey and found that something like 70-80% of (National Socialist) Democrats would flee the country if the U.S. faced a situation similar to that of Ukraine while over 80% of Republicans/Conservatives would stand and fight. We are surprised by this why? The Russians are reported to have bombed a children’s hospitalContinue reading “Strong Men Stand While Weak Ones Run”

A Salute to Specialist 4th Class Bishop Evans, Hero

They just announced that they found the body of Specialist 4th Class Bishop Evans, a member of the Texas National Guard and part of the mission on the border between Texas and Mexico. He jumped into the river when he spotted two illegal border crossers trying to swim across the river who appeared to be drowning.Continue reading “A Salute to Specialist 4th Class Bishop Evans, Hero”

Common Sense? I Don’t Need No Common Sense!

Just when you think the Dem/lib mob have hit rock bottom in their drive to destroy this wonderful country, good old Uncle Joe finds a way to use his seemingly bottomless source of political stupidity to amaze us. Illegals having entered the U.S. basically unchallenged are not only allowed to stay, not only fed, housed,Continue reading “Common Sense? I Don’t Need No Common Sense!”