“Shut Up Peasants, We Know What’s Best for You” & Legal(?) Robbery By Your Representatives(?)

I’ve ranted and raved about imposing term limits on the federal level. Lord knows we need it. Those people have gotten to the point where they have dual residence status in our state and DC. But now I’m turning my ire to a more local level.

We, as residents of the great state of North Carolina, need to impose term limits on our local politicians from the state level down. Having said this I just lost what few friends I have in the Republican Party, but my philosophy is professional politicians can and do exist at all levels.

I will be open and admit that I have held my position on the Pleasant Garden Town Council for three terms, which totals 12 years. This is my last term. I am stepping aside because I believe fresh ideas need to be brought in.

Term limits at each level of government from the state on down is something we the people need to establish. A town, city, or county should set their own standards with the state level decided by the people, and this includes the representatives and senators we send to DC. Someone, please show me where it says we cannot do this in any state or federal constitution. After all, those documents are for us, the citizens.

Professional politicians are one of the biggest problems we the people face. It was never the idea when this government, at all levels, was established. The current situation is the quintessential example of why. These people vote their own pay raises and benefits! Show me any other job where you get to do that. Look at a good chunk of Greensboro City Council and the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. Most of them have been there for how long? And don’t tell me they wouldn’t be there if the people didn’t want them.

I won’t even begin to talk about how outside money comes in, from both sides, to influence these elections. These are our elections! This is supposed to be for electing people who will work for us, not some special interest group.

Another aspect of all this, on a local level, is how here in the city, we have 5 schools of “higher education” that have out of state students that are allowed to vote on local (state level on down) issues, including items that result in local tax increases, yet they don’t not pay for them. The Board of Education want to get approval for MULTI-BILLION dollar bonds and invariably they get approved because we have people who have no skin in the game voting for it. What do they care? They don’t pay property taxes here yet they get to put these kinds of tax bills on those that do. They don’t have to live under whatever edicts these Lords and Ladies get passed that affect those of us that do. They don’t have to live under “professional politicians” they help get elected. They put the residents of cities and towns, even the State of North Carolina under financial obligations they don’t have to worry about. We, the residents of the towns, cities, and the State are stuck with them long after these people leave.

I realize I am urinating in fast moving air, but it needs to be said loudly and clearly. And it’ll take people getting off their fourth point of contact and speaking loudly and clearly by voting. You don’t make your voice heard then sit down and take it.

Carpe Diem.

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