If You Buy This, You’ll Buy ANYTHING

So the President had classified documents locked in a closet in a building apparently paid for by a Chinese business man for what, 6 years?

Wait, wait…OMG… they just found MORE classified documents in an undisclosed location! But that can’t be. Uncle Joe would NEVER do something like that.

The big question I’m not hearing is who, besides Uncle Joe, would or could sign out classified documents from a government facility and the other question is how those documents could have been gone for all this time and nobody said anything. (Hey Bill, didn’t Biden sign out a bunch of classified stuff a while back?)


A while back, before the midterm elections, when there was talk of finding a way to remove him from office (by his own mob I might point out,) who’s to say this wasn’t discovered and then kept under wraps by comrades in the (National Socialist) Democrat Party a while back. Can you say President Harris? I knew you could.


Then there are all those whiny liberals that were out there claiming this was just a minor mistake, unlike President Trump’s situation. I wonder what’s being said now. And I believe Trump at least had them in a secured container, not a closet. Even CNN (the Communist News Network) is piling on!

The fact that Hillary Clinton put classified State Department emails on an unprotected server in a bathroom closet was not deemed a problem.  Nor was it a problem for Hillary to fax classified documents to her home where the domestic help with no security clearance neatly stacked them up for her.  Nor was it a problem when Hillary refused to use her secure State Department cell phone in foreign countries, like China, but instead used her unsecure personal cell phone which accidently got smashed to smithereens by a hammer.  

So I don’t see why it’s a problem for Uncle Joe to leave a pile of classified documents behind in whatever office he was using, for whatever reason.  

Of course, it’s a major crime for Trump to even see a classified document because after all he is Trump.

The sad thing is that is how the mainstream media is going to report it and Americans who read or watch will swallow the hypocrisy hook, line and sinker.  Chris would sadly be one of those.

Since my initial writing of this post, there has been documents found in his garage (but they WERE locked in with his ‘vet so it’s alright according to him) and more in his home in two different places. Yet Joe, time and time again, acted like he had no idea about anything that was done wrong. He’s either very cagey (big doubt) or so ate up he shouldn’t be allowed to have comic books let alone classified materials (most likely).

And the worst part of all this is they think the American people are so stupid (remember, ignorance can be cured, stupidity is forever) and gullible to believe doddering Uncle Joe did nothing wrong.

Remember the Hildabeast and her methods of handling classified material? Folks, they are convinced We the People are dumb enough to by the pile of horse hockey they are trying to push. And until we stand up and not just call them out, but demand…DEMAND they be held accountable for all this.

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall

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