Pay Attention

The National Socialist Democrat left, along with their handful of RINOs sycophants, are on a roll and they know it. Their H.R.1 having been passed is but the first of many things they have been waiting for. And know that they have tasted victory they are becoming bolder.

They have what they’ve been craving, that being total control of two of the three branches of government and believe they have the right to do WHATEVER they want. The only thing standing in the way is the third branch, that being the Judicial. And because the majority of that branch are known Constitutionalists and will very likely reverse the majority of H.R.1 they will do everything they can to delay and distract until they can come up with a plan to gain a majority there as well.

At the same time they are using their majority in the other two branches to attempt to establish a permanent majority regardless of what it takes, legal or illegal. They are prepared to disregard the Constitution and attempt to pass legislation that in essence ignores the Constitution and makes all elections a federal function and disregards the rights of State and Local governments and their election laws. We’ve already seen blatant disregard for the system where State courts, not legislatures, made rulings on elections.

The Socialist, Leftist Democrat Party saw an opportunity, rolled the dice, and won. They have won the first battle in the war to do away with our system of government and are on the way to convert it from a Constitutional Representative form to what in essence a Socialist form. They’ve taken the first step towards One Party Rule, and unless Republican/Conservative leaders get their act together and Republican/Conservative minded people get more involved and stand up to what I truly believe is a minority we are going to go under.

Ask yourself this question. How was it that our Lt. Governor and the State Legislature, Republicans, won by such a healthy margin yet Duke Cooper got reelected. There may be a reasonable explanation for this and I would like to see what it is.

I personally believe we as a country are at a serious crossroad in our history similar to that of the Civil War. What I don’t believe is it has to go to that extent. But we should not think that we can’t.

Alan Marshall

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