Common Sense? I Don’t Need No Common Sense!

Just when you think the Dem/lib mob have hit rock bottom in their drive to destroy this wonderful country, good old Uncle Joe finds a way to use his seemingly bottomless source of political stupidity to amaze us.

Illegals having entered the U.S. basically unchallenged are not only allowed to stay, not only fed, housed, and taken care of for months on our dime then relocated to various parts of OUR country (in many cases secretly) and turned loose with little to no tracking and a promise from them to show up for a hearing, Crazy Uncle Joe screamed “Wait…I got more!!! Let’s give each of them hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to show how sorry we are about how Bad Orange Man and his minions treated them!!!”

I am not making this up!!! And there are Dem/libs applauding this! Most are staying silent, which is just as bad. The numbers I heard was $900,000 for an ILLEGAL FAMILY of 3. In addition to the ungodly budget proposal in the trillions of dollars they want to give BILLIONS of YOUR dollars to non-citizen lawbreakers for invading our country not only unchallenged but are being openly and actively aided by these traitors. But let a man like Mark Robinson strongly and openly defy this same mob by fighting to protect NC schoolchildren from the LGBTQ community’s attempt to make their lifestyles appear normal and acceptable.

Biden’s plan needs to be killed NOW! And if the Democrat party wants to maintain what little bit of sensibility and moral standing they have with independent voters they need to be the first ones to stand up and say…no, scream “not NO, but HELL NO!!!” Anything less will show their true colors, their true feelings, and their true opinion of the American people.

It is at this point I would like to remind hardworking true Americans, Republican, conservative, and unaffiliated/independent that YOU need to be out there. YOU need to quit sitting quietly on the sidelines and get in the fight! YOU are the people that will make the difference.

WE THE PEOPLE need to rein in these out of control politicians and remind them who is in charge, that being WE THE PEOPLE! Failure to do so is a giant leap towards socialism and the end of America as we know it.

Mark Robinson for Governor!!!

Alan Marshall

How Much More Uncle Joe?

During my 20+ years as a soldier I participated in many military operations both well publicized and some low key. Most went pretty much as planned and some not so much.

All that having been said, the…circus…we sat and watched at the airport in Kabul was a wonderful example of what we have to look forward to from The Uncle Joe Show for as long as we allow it. It became tragic near the end when 13 of my Brothers and Sisters were killed by suicide bombers.

Retaliation was required. What was Uncle Joe going to do?  Of course, this is an excellent opportunity to introduce his master military stratagem he named “Over the Horizon Strike” No more military casualties! Remote control revenge!

The strike is launched, a truck load of suicide “martyrs” the target. “Multiple explosions” erupted. Multiple suicide bombers stopped by Joe and his new military strategy……..NOT!

One source says after an exhaustive 8+ hours of reconnaissance by what was reported to have been TALIBAN personnel a Predator drone launched a Hellfire missile and killed …wait for it… AN AFGHAN AID WORKER AND UP TO 9 OF HIS CHILDREN LOADING WATER FOR REFUGEES!!!

  Right after the strike but before someone else pointed out that it was civilians…local aid workers and children…Biden and his cronies were high fiving each other over their ‘retaliatory strike’ before bothering to confirm who and what they did. I will give them credit for admitting (reluctantly and much later) they misidentified the target and had not verified what the target was before making the hit. Or they let themselves be used by the Taliban to give us one last black eye.

 What has me concerned (and scared pants-less) is all of this, plus what has happened on our southern border up to now, is just the beginning. If this is what he can do in 10 months, God help us for the next 3 years. The only saving grace is that there is another election in 2 years where we have a chance to at least gain the majority in the Legislative branch and minimize the damage until 2024. Until then, we as conservatives must hold our ground. We must stand together or hang separately. The choice is ours.

And has anyone noticed how we have heard little to nothing about this from the other dangerous person in this Administration? Oh, that’s right; she hasn’t been given her script yet.

The question I have for the RNC, at ALL levels national to local is, are you keeping notes? And are you going to use this and everything else that has been done to the American people in 2012 and 2014? As I see it the DNC is writing the campaigns for the RNC in detail. I’m asking…I’m BEGGING the RNC don’t screw this up. Don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Finally, I want to apologize profusely to those of you that were and are following my blog for my absence and lack of entries. There were (and are) health issues and I’ve pretty much gotten them under control.

God Bless you All.


If it weren’t for the fact that the results are causing so much harm to the American people, the recent actions and comments by Biden would be perfect material for comedians everywhere.

He cancelled the pipeline, resulting in thousands of Americans losing their jobs at the stroke of a pen and causing gas prices to begin to rise.  He wrings his hands and whines about the Russians building theirs after he asks them to stop. And guess what?  It’s been recently reported American pipeline workers are supposedly now working on that one.


He puts Kamala in charge of the border situation and then watches and does nothing when it’s pointed out that she has yet to actually go to the border to assess the situation and begin working on a plan.


He gets upset and insulting towards graduating Coast Guard cadets while giving a commencement speech because they didn’t react to it the same way a class did in 1988 when President Ronal Reagan used the exact same line, which got raucous cheers and applause. And, yes, he plagiarized the comment word for word from President Reagan’s speech without acknowledging his source.


He and his administration took steps to incentivize people that were out of work to not try to get a job by paying them more not to work then they would make working.

Seriously? (Fortunately, state legislatures finally began to grow a pair and began refusing the federal money and making people who quit looking for work reconsider their situation.)

Now you have the (National Socialist) Democrat Party forming a commission to investigate the 1/6 episode that took place in D.C. And speaking of that event, it’s been reported there are people that were arrested on misdemeanor charges yet are being kept in solitary confinement awaiting trial.  I’m trying to find confirmation on that.

Now we have Biden trying to be on the side of both Israel and Iran-backed Hamas at the same time.

The truly funny and at the same scary part of all of this is it’s real. It’s happening, almost every day.  Who knows what is happening that we don’t hear about.  And worst, who knows what’s coming.

Biden is being compared to Carter, and I think that’s unfair … to Carter.  I think Carter really believed he was doing good, unlike Biden the puppet.

Alan Marshall

I’m Baaaack!

I want to apologize for my unplanned absence and want you to know I’m back. If you have stayed with me I want to thank you.

Now, on to my rant.

If there’s any question as to what we’re in for over the next 4 years under Joe Biden as our President, assuming he actually serves the whole term, then you have spent the last 5 months with your head in the sand or are on some serious medication.

His first act as President was to shut down a critical infrastructure project, the oil pipeline, which was nearing completion, putting thousands of people out of work with the stroke of his pen. That was followed by a flood of Executive Orders that put America on a path that could lead to a Socialist society left unchallenged. And we are about to go back to being an oil importer after being an exporter for the first time in years.

Next he told invaders along the southern border “come on in” during the first 100 days of his term. The result is a flood of illegal aliens with numbers that haven’t been seen in 20 years. And there is no end in sight. He put the VP in charge of the situation on the border yet she hasn’t visited that border since being elected and as of now has no plan to do so.

The other thing that the (National Socialist) Democrat Party is doing is attempting to  do is undermine the education system, trying to quietly take it away from the local level and move to the national level. Additionally they are attempting to take election controls away from the States and put them under national control. Think about that very carefully.

I don’t include the Colonial pipeline hack only because that had nothing to do with the Biden administration, but I will say they didn’t seem to concerned about it, and I haven’t heard very much from them about it.

Those are just a few of the things we have to look forward to for the next 2-4 years. And if, as I believe, Biden is removed as President for whatever reason and Kamala Harris assumes the office it will all go on steroids. I say this because if you watch Biden when he does an appearance there are times when he seems confused and unable to think and speak clearly. I believe by the midterm elections there will be a move to remove him from office, which I believe is part of a bigger plan by the (National Socialist} Democrat Party to get their puppet Harris into the office.

The only hope we have is to hang on long enough for the midterm elections and for the Republicans/Conservatives to regain control of at least one if not both houses of Congress and be able to check these radical leftist projects designed to destroy this great country. But that requires people to get involved, which I believe is happening considering how many new people I’m seeing at the most recent County GOP meeting wanting to get involved. I believe this is happening across the country and it’s about time.

Stand together or hang separately.

Alan Marshall

Education or Indoctrination

One has to wonder who is running this country’s public education system, the states and local municipalities or national teachers unions.

You have several local public school systems, and I emphasize the word ‘local’, that are kowtowing to the national teachers unions, ignoring the needs of the children on the local level and using this situation to grab and consolidate their power over something that is local. Consider this, private schools, after a period of time to look at the facts, began a phased reopening of their facilities to the point where several are operating pretty much normal with only minor changes. The question you have to ask is what the difference is between them and public schools is when you look at this.

The basic answer is the power the unions have slowly acquired. I will agree that there are things unions can do to protect or at least give voice to their members. But they have been given so much power, more and more on a national level I might point out, that it’s them that are running the school system, not the people that are affected and pay for the system. Maybe we do need some union representation but it’s gone beyond representation to them running the system, not the people paying for it and are directly impacted by it.

Another thing is the curriculums that are being pushed into the schools on almost every grade level. More emphasis seems to be being placed on what appears to be social issues then on the 3 Rs. Comparing curriculums to other school systems around the world show the U.S. is too far down the scale. When I went to school in the 60’s through ’72 I can remember having a couple of radical teachers that would slip in their political opinions by having after school groups and clubs that were supported by the school but not really having any real significance. Now it’s no longer after school activities, but actual parts of the curriculum and many times it appears they are emphasized over the subjects that are needed to be able to get and hold a productive job. And again this is more prominent in the public system then in the private schools.

I believe the term I’m looking for is indoctrination vs. education.

Alan Marshall

Slight of Hand at It’s Best

Unless you’re paying close to what the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo is doing in the Congress you are not aware of their low profile actions to virtually lockdown their tenuous hold on the Senate by getting Washington D.C. and possibly Puerto Rico statehood status, giving each of them 2 votes in the Senate, votes that can be pretty much guarantee the ‘rats a perpetual majority in the Senate.

Time for a history lesson. Way back in the beginning of this country the founders began discussing how the government would operate. One thing they wanted a system that would provide for a series of checks and balances that give each branch as equal as possible a level of power to allow it to represent the individual citizen as well as give each state as an entity a voice as well. It was decided to form the House of Representatives. This would be made up of people elected by the individual citizens. This sort of resembles the House of Commons in the British government. To give each state as a whole a voice the Senate was created. In order to give each state, regardless of size, an equal voice in the new government it was decided to give each state 2 members in the Senate. These representatives were selected by the individual State governments, not the individual citizen. While not perfect, this system gave representation to all at all levels. The House gave voice to the individual; the Senate gave voice to the States. Again, not perfect but as equal as can be.

Fast forward to 1913. The 17th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and the selection of individual State Senators is taken away from the State Legislature and given to the individual citizen. The individual States as an entity no longer have representation in the Federal government. It also creates a partisan nightmare we are dealing with today.

The basic, simple solution is obvious; repeal the 17th Amendment and return to the original system first established. Can you imagine that?

The problem is this will never happen because it would destroy the grip of power the liberals currently enjoy because the Senate would most likely swing to the right, possibly strongly.

Imagine that, an American government Of the People being run By the People. Imagine the liberal panic, letting the People actually have control over their own lives.

Alan Marshall

A War for the Soul of America

More and more we are seeing the situation at the southern border deteriorating to the point that for all intents and purposes there is no control. The current administration took a system that was working, maybe not as well as it could but was at least getting something done, and almost immediately cancelled it without any kind system to replace it. We are seeing, in real time, the result…total chaos.

Add to this chaos the IMMEDIATE termination of the construction of the border wall, something that was working, and the additional fallout of all those workers becoming unemployed overnight. One thing that was not covered a lot was the fact that the workers got hammered but the actual companies that employed them had an out in their contracts so while they got hit, it was nothing like the individual workers. That is a whole different topic of discussion and it’s something that happens under both D and R administrations.

The thing that’s not being talked about a whole lot is what else is going on in the House and the Senate. The most obvious, and in my opinion most dangerous to the Republic, is H.R. 1. This bill would in essence take control of elections from the individual states and move it under the federal government. Given the makeup of the Senate it will most likely pass there as well but only because it will require the vote of the VP to break the tie. This means that the only thing standing between the power of the individual States and a complete takeover of one of the most important cornerstones of our system of government is the 3rd branch of government, the Supreme Court. Given the current makeup of the Court there is a very good chance that H.R. 1 would not survive a ruling. This, in my opinion, is the reason for the sudden resurrection in attacks on Judge Cavanaugh. I believe there is going to be a growing call for the impeachment of Judge Cavanaugh in order to try to change the makeup of the Court and thus change the balance of power on the Court. I believe, given the current makeup of the Court, if and when this went before them it would be declared Unconstitutional, and my prediction is it would be under a 5-4 vote.

The (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo sees that they currently have the power (barely) to get their agendas through and it’s obvious they are doing just that. Currently the biggest problem they have is the actions taken by Biden where he basically opened the borders, intentionally or unintentionally, and the overwhelming flood began. He is sending asset after asset, government organization after government organization to the border and from what I can see, with no organization or coordination to try to correct what he has done.

I’m not sure if this is being intentionally done in order to distract from their other actions in an attempt to consolidate and solidify their current power grab, or it’s the result of Biden blindly following far left members of his party. One thing that is sure is that regardless of which it is, it means the average American citizen better hunker down and get ready for a rough ride over the next two years minimum. Additionally we need to fight every step of the way for the next two years in order to be able to hopefully reverse this travesty. But  you know the ‘rats are going to fight tooth and nail to get the changes they have been wanting to keep their current majority now and into the foreseeable future as their first step to consolidating a permanent one party rule.

Is this the beginning of something no one wants to verbalize?

Alan Marshall 

Pay Attention

The National Socialist Democrat left, along with their handful of RINOs sycophants, are on a roll and they know it. Their H.R.1 having been passed is but the first of many things they have been waiting for. And know that they have tasted victory they are becoming bolder.

They have what they’ve been craving, that being total control of two of the three branches of government and believe they have the right to do WHATEVER they want. The only thing standing in the way is the third branch, that being the Judicial. And because the majority of that branch are known Constitutionalists and will very likely reverse the majority of H.R.1 they will do everything they can to delay and distract until they can come up with a plan to gain a majority there as well.

At the same time they are using their majority in the other two branches to attempt to establish a permanent majority regardless of what it takes, legal or illegal. They are prepared to disregard the Constitution and attempt to pass legislation that in essence ignores the Constitution and makes all elections a federal function and disregards the rights of State and Local governments and their election laws. We’ve already seen blatant disregard for the system where State courts, not legislatures, made rulings on elections.

The Socialist, Leftist Democrat Party saw an opportunity, rolled the dice, and won. They have won the first battle in the war to do away with our system of government and are on the way to convert it from a Constitutional Representative form to what in essence a Socialist form. They’ve taken the first step towards One Party Rule, and unless Republican/Conservative leaders get their act together and Republican/Conservative minded people get more involved and stand up to what I truly believe is a minority we are going to go under.

Ask yourself this question. How was it that our Lt. Governor and the State Legislature, Republicans, won by such a healthy margin yet Duke Cooper got reelected. There may be a reasonable explanation for this and I would like to see what it is.

I personally believe we as a country are at a serious crossroad in our history similar to that of the Civil War. What I don’t believe is it has to go to that extent. But we should not think that we can’t.

Alan Marshall

Are We A Country In Crisis?

Many would think that something as massive as the Covid-19 pandemic would breach things like political obstacles simply because of the fact that it doesn’t care what your political beliefs are. And if you were talking just about the pandemic itself you’d be right. The problem is it’s gone beyond that. If there was ever an apolitical subject, this is it. But the only way that’s going to come out is if both sides concede that the other side was just as important in getting us where we are in defeating this crisis.

Operatives in the Biden administration are doing their best to make it appear that the Trump administration was all talk but no action and it was them, the Biden people that actually got the ball rolling. I have heard one individual; I believe he was a senior White House individual on Covid that actually, reluctantly gave credit to the Trump administration for their part in getting the ball rolling and creating the base for the vaccine rollout which has led to the rapid surge in vaccinations under the Biden administration.

Yes, I give credit to both Administrations for where we are at this point. To do anything else would be disingenuous and divisive. But to hear the Biden mouthpieces tell it, all progress…all progress…is the result of the Biden Administration.

Now let’s get down to the real elephant in the room. In my opinion all of this is NOT the Biden Administration talking. It is in reality the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo using him as their cover to operate and pass legislation they want. They have taken distraction to the nth degree. The Pelosi/Schumer/Harris triumvirate with the Democrat majority in both houses of Congress has all the power they need to ram through virtually anything they want, along with occasional help from the RINOs in both chambers. The term for this is ‘one party rule’, something the ‘rats have only dreamed of up to now.

Getting this power was the first step. The next is maintaining it, and we’re seeing the start of that with H.R.1 which, if allowed to stand, is the beginning of the end of our current form government, a Representative Democracy, and the beginning of up to now I have jokingly referred to as a (National Socialist) Democrat Party.

Now more than ever We the People need to stand up and be heard.

Alan Marshall