If You Can Keep It

Just when I thought that things coming out of the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo couldn’t possibly get any crazier and/or scarier they manage to put forth something newer, crazier, and scarier. And this time I mean REALLY scarier.

Three dozen Democrats have signed and submitted a document that calls on the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, to surrender complete control the use of nuclear arsenal of this country and instead require a committee…A COMMITTEE…to make the call on its use.

Just to remind people, the definition of a committee is an organism with six or more legs and no brain.

Immediately two questions come to mind on this, both of which makes one ask why do this now?

First, they see an opportunity to expand their power and are striking while the iron’s hot. They have the majority and know if they don’t do it now it may be a while before it comes around again.

Second, why now? The biggest thing that changed is who the President is, at least for now. Is it because they believe Biden is not competent enough to have a finger on the nuclear trigger? Is it because they see this as a way to gut the power of the Office of the President if and when they don’t have the majority?

This is a very, very, VERY dangerous action. As I said, this is an attempt to gut the power of the Office of the Presidency and shift more power to the Legislative branch. In a nutshell this is a blatantly obvious attempt by the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo to consolidate as much power as possible in the branch of government they believe they have the ability to gain and maintain control of.

To say this is a very dangerous precedent. It is also possible that this is a first attempt to move on the Judicial Branch of the federal government. A move that will be more obviously signaled by attempts to add more judges to the Supreme Court while they have the necessary majority in the Senate to give it a chance of success. These are dangerous times for the Republic, Republicans and Conservatives.

I once again repeat the words attributed to Founding Father Benjamin Franklin when asked what form of government we had…”A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Can we?

Alan Marshall

Now Be Afraid…Be Very, Very, VERY AFRAID!

Here is a headline from The Blaze that should scare the hell out of you.

“Democrats’ ‘chilling’ letter demands cable providers account for ‘misinformation’ and ‘lies’ from ‘right-wing media outlets’ they carry.”

“The two US Congress members specifically named Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network.”

From the article…”Two Democratic members of Congress penned letters Monday to a dozen cable providers demanding they account for “misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, and lies” from “right-wing media outlets” they carry — and the networks specifically named were Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network.”

Are you concerned? If not, you should be. The (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo is starting to test just how much it can get away with. They are pushing the envelope more and more trying to see just how far they can go before they begin getting serious pushback. And the way I see it they are trying every way possible to lock in the position they have established. They know that the 2022 elections are just around the corner and their current majority in both Houses is tenuous at best. And without that majority they are lost. They can’t rely on Biden and they know it.

While the 2024 Presidential election is important, more important are the next Congressional elections. They Democrats NEED to win both Houses in that election. To lose one or the other or both will completely derail everything they are trying to do.

Another aspect of is there are Federalized National Guard troops still in the Capital. I understand why they were initially brought in. And I’ll give them keeping them there during the impeachment hearings. But they are not only still there; there are all kinds of extremely weak excuses, whenever one is offered, for keeping them there, possibly up to the fall according to reports from the MSM. But what’s bad is those same MSM mouthpieces won’t ask is why? Why are there troops still occupying the Capital of the United States?

There are so many questions that need answered but because they have the MSM under their control and have the majority in the Legislative and Executive branches, the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo believe they can come out of the shadows and start the next phase of whatever it is they have been nurturing.

I know, I’ve gone over the edge of conspiracy theory. I’m a wacko……according to them anyway.

Alan Marshall

Be Aware…Be Very Aware

Sorry for the prolonged absence. I will strive to do better.

And the steam roller that is the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo rolls on. Joe occasionally comes out in front of a camera to try to make himself appear Presidential and look like he is in charge while the real powers behind the throne continue to manipulate the levers of power.

He currently is ruling by ruling by issuing edicts in the form of EOs and there has finally been some pushback on them but the system is sort of designed to put up as many roadblocks as possible. And now that the impeachment process has run its course I am wondering how the “power sharing” process is going to proceed.

I say “power sharing” because although he is the President, watching what has been happening makes one wonder who is really in charge. Look at the situation in Texas and the manner Biden is responding to it. Also, there are reports that Kamala is doing what the President should be doing, meeting with foreign leaders and having discussions. More and more the real power holder is coming out.

Joe’s latest bit is “America is back”. Really? We’re back? I wasn’t aware we went anywhere. People need to really think about that statement. “America is back”. The man who currently holds the title of President of the United States appears to be implying that the United States has been off in the woods somewhere. What he is actually saying is “this America First nonsense is over. We’re sorry for the arrogance. We’ll get back in our place.” What world leaders are hearing is “You tell us what you want and we’ll bend over and give it to you.”

The (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo’s propaganda machine is working hard to try to make people forget that prior to the Covid-19 pandemic (brought on by China) The U.S. had a 4% unemployment, wages rising, the economy booming, and all done thru the aggressive leadership  and guidance of President Trump.

Add to this situation how the socialist, leftist, lawmakers (aka Democrats) lawmakers are like an alcoholic locked in a bar, attacking anyone who has disagreed with them in the past, an enemy of the state that needs to be at a minimum silenced, but preferably personally destroyed and even imprisoned if possible.

As Ben Franklin is reported to have said when asked, what form of government we have, “A Republic…if you can keep it.”

What Next?

You have to give the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo credit for effective use of time and circumstances given everything going on. They have effectively hamstrung and sown confusion within the ranks of the GOP by opening up offensives on two, possibly coordinated, fronts.

While the Legislature presses on with the highly questionable impeachment action, something that cannot be ignored because of the severity of the possible outcome, Biden rolls on, forcing his views and paying off those that supported him using Imperial Edicts, I mean EOs to give them what they want regardless of what it does to the country over all. And it doesn’t help that you have RINOs who see an opportunity to get their shots in. The only possible light is in the form of Joe Minchin who is at least trying to bring reason to the madness. We have yet to see how that will shake out and if Senator Minchin will hold his ground. Stay tuned.

Will President Trump be convicted? I don’t think so. I don’t believe the numbers are there. What you can expect is after this ploy fails, the ‘rats and their RINO allies will begin looking for another way to keep him from running again. They won’t openly admit to it but President Trump is the biggest threat to them in 2024, at least for now.

Was he the end all as a President? No. He said and did plenty of dumb things, I will not argue that. But when you consider that he is not a ‘professional politician’ and was not beholden to any of the swamp creatures which meant he could go his own way when he wanted I dare anyone to honestly argue against how much things improved under him prior to the pandemic. I say that because it seems the only stats people want to talk about is post-pandemic numbers. I have yet to hear anyone speculate where we would be had it not been for the Chinese pandemic.

The (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo and their puppet Biden are moving as fast as they can to get done as much of their destructive agenda as possible before the GOP can get their feet under them. At the same time you know they are working behind the scenes to do whatever it takes to maintain their control of the Legislature and Executive branch.

We must be watchful.

1984/Big Brother or Just Paranoia?

So am I being overly paranoid or is there something going on here? You read and you decide.

‘See Something, Say Something Online Act’ Punishes Big Tech for Not Snitching

Elizabeth Nolan Brown | 2.2.2021 9:30 AM

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(Chris Melzer/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom)

A new bill revitalizes the war on terror’s favorite slogan in service of forcing tech companies to turn over more user data to the government. The “See Something, Say Something Online Act,” introduced by Sen. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.) and co-sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn (R–Texas), is the latest attack on the federal communications law known as Section 230 as well as freedom of speech and online privacy.

The legislation says any interactive computer service provider—that means social media giants, small blogs, podcast hosting services, app stores, consumer review platforms, independent political forums, crowdfunding and Patreon-style sites, dating apps, newsletter services, and much more—will lose Section 230 protections if they fail to report any known user activity that might be deemed “suspicious.”

“Suspicious” content is defined as any post, private message, comment, tag, transaction, or “any other user-generated content or transmission” that government officials later determine “commits, facilitates, incites, promotes, or otherwise assists the commission of a major crime.” Major crimes are defined as anything involving violence, domestic, or international terrorism, or a “serious drug offense.”

For each suspicious post, services must submit a Suspicious Transmission Activity Report (STAR) within 30 days, providing the user’s name, location, and other identifying information, as well as any relevant metadata.

Those submitting the user surveillance reports would henceforth be barred from talking about or even acknowledging the existence of them. STARs would also be exempt from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

The bill, which comes amid renewed calls to stamp out domestic terrorism after the Capitol riot, is impressive in managing to be both completely invasive and utterly unconcerned with even appearing to be about protection, since the remedy—report within 30 days—would hardly help stop the commission of crimes. If we were talking about the Capitol riot, for instance, companies who still hadn’t reported posts about it would be OK.

The bill would set up a massive new system of intense user monitoring and reporting that would lead to more perfectly innocent people getting booted from internet platforms. It would provide the government with a new tool to punish disfavored tech companies, and it would enlist all digital service providers to be cops in the failed post-9/11 war on terror and the drug war.

The bill states that some posts facilitating crimes require a STAR to be filed immediately, though it’s vague about what these are (any “suspicious transmission that requires immediate attention” requires being reported immediately). The first example it provides is “an active sale or solicitation of sale of drugs.”

A new federal agency would handle the suspicious activity reports—which could also be submitted by any individual, not just tech companies.

An easy, anonymous, online way for people to flag each other’s social media accounts for the Department of Justice—what could go wrong? (Insert all the eye rolls here.)

Anyone with experience on social media now knows how hyperbolic people can be in describing threatening behavior, how gleeful folks can be in snitching on those they deem unenlightened, and how easy it can be for trolls, abusers, and other ne’er-do-wells to weaponize reporting systems against disliked individuals or marginalized groups. The See Something, Say Something Online Act would put this on steroids—all while ensuring such a glut of reports, including many that are frivolous, politically motivated, or otherwise disingenuous, that federal agents would still be searching for needles in haystacks.

Worse than simply overloading the system, it would make federal agents investigate all sorts of ordinary Americans for harmless comments. It also seems likely to make finding actual terrorists and violent criminals even more difficult.




Mr. MANCHIN(for himself and Mr. CORNYN) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on


To require reporting of suspicious transmissions in order to assist in criminal investigations and counterintelligence activities relating to international terrorism, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa-1tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the ‘‘See Something, Say Something Online Act of 2020’’.

SEC. 2. SENSE OF CONGRESS. It is the sense of Congress that—

  • section 230 of the Communications Act of11934 (47 U.S.C. 230) (commonly known as the ‘‘Communications Decency Act of 1996’’) was never intended to provide legal protection for websites or interactive computer services that do nothing after becoming aware of instances of individuals or groups planning, committing, promoting, and facilitating terrorism, serious drug offenses, and violent crimes; (2) it is not the intent of this Act to remove or strip all liability protection from websites or interactive computer services that are proactively working to resolve these issues; and (3) should websites or interactive service providers fail to exercise due care in the implementation, filing of the suspicious transmission activity reports, and reporting of major crimes, Congress intends to look at removing liability protections under the Communications Decency Act of 1996 in its entirety.
  • SEC. 3. DEFINITIONS. In this Act: (1) DEPARTMENT.
  • —The term ‘‘Department’’ means the Department of Justice.
  • (2) INTERACTIVE COMPUTER SERVICE.—The term ‘‘interactive computer service’’ has the meaning given the term in section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 230
  • (3) KNOWN SUSPICIOUS TRANSMISSION.—The term ‘‘known suspicious transmission’’ is any suspicious transmission that an interactive computer service should have reasonably known to have occurred or have been notified of by a director, officer, employ, agent, interactive computer service user, or State or Federal law enforcement agency.
  • (4) MAJOR CRIME.—The term ‘‘major crime’’ means a Federal criminal offense—(A) that is a crime of violence (as defined in section 16 of title 18, United States Code); (B) relating to domestic or international terrorism (as those terms are defined in section 2331 of title 18, United States Code); and (C) that is a serious drug offense (as defined in section 924(e) of title 18, United States Code).
  • (5) STAR.—The term ‘‘STAR’’ means a suspicious transmission activity report required to be submitted under section 3.
  • (6) SUSPICIOUS TRANSMISSION.—The term ‘‘suspicious transmission’’ means any public or private post, message, comment, tag, transaction, or any other user-generated content or transmission1that commits, facilitates, incites, promotes, or otherwise assists the commission of a major crime.


1) IN GENERAL.—If a provider of an interactive computer service detects a suspicious transmission, the interactive computer service, including any director, officer, employee, agent, or representative of such provider, shall submit to the Department a STAR describing the suspicious transmission in accordance with this section.


(A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in subparagraph (C), a STAR required to be submitted under paragraph (1) shall be submitted not later than 30 days after the date on which the interactive computer service—(i) initially detects the suspicious transmission; or (ii) is alerted to the suspicious transmission on the platform of such service.

(B) IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATION.—In the case of a suspicious transmission that requires immediate attention, such as an active sale or solicitation of sale of drugs or a threat of terrorist activity, the provider of an interactive computer service shall (i) immediately notify, by telephone an appropriate law enforcement authority; and (ii) file a STAR in accordance with this section.

(C) DELAY OF SUBMISSION.—The 30-day period described in subparagraph (A) may be extended by 30 days if the provider of an interactive computer service provides a valid reason to the agency designated or established under subsection (b)(2) (b)

REPORTINGPROCESS.—(1) IN GENERAL.—The Attorney General shall establish a process by which a provider of an interactive computer service may submit STARs under this section.  DESIGNATED AGENCY.—(2) IN GENERAL.—In carrying out this section, the Attorney General shall designate an agency within the Department, or, if the Attorney General determines appropriate, establish a new agency within the Department, to which STARs should be submitted under subsection(a).

(B) CONSUMER REPORTING.—The agency designated or established under subparagraph (A) shall establish a centralized online resource, which may be used by individual members of the public to report suspicious activity related to major crimes for investigation by the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agency.

(C) COOPERATION WITH INDUSTRY.—The agency designated or established under subparagraph (A) (i) may conduct training for enforcement agencies and for providers of interactive computer services on how to cooperate in reporting suspicious activity; (ii) may develop relationships for promotion of reporting mechanisms and resources available on the centralized online resource required to be established under subparagraph (B); and (iii) shall coordinate with the National White Collar Crime Center to convene experts to design training programs for State.and local law enforcement agencies, which may include using social media, online ads, paid placements, and partnering with expert non-profit organizations to promote awareness and engage with the public.

CONTENTS.—Each STAR submitted under this section shall contain, at a minimum (1) the name, location, and other such identification information as submitted by the user to the provider of the interactive computer service; (2) the date and nature of the post, message, comment, tag, transaction, or other user-generated content or transmission detected for suspicious activity such as time, origin, and destination; and (3) any relevant text, information, and metadata related to the suspicious transmission.


(1) RETENTION OF RECORDS.—Each providerof an interactive computer service shall—(A) maintain a copy of any STAR submitted under this section and the original record equivalent of any supporting documentation for the 5-year period beginning on the date on which the STAR was submitted; (B) make all supporting documentation1available to the Department and any appropriate law enforcement agencies upon request; and (C) not later than 30 days after the date on which the interactive computer service submits a STAR under this section, take action against the website or account reported unless the provider of an interactive computer service receives a notification from a law enforcement agency that the website or account should remain open.

(2) NONDISCLOSURE.—Except as otherwise prescribed by the Attorney General, no provider of an interactive computer service, or officer, director, employee, or agent of such a provider, subject to an order under subsection (a) may disclose the existence of, or terms of, the order to any person.


(1) IN GENERAL.—Subject to paragraph (2),the Attorney General shall—(A) ensure that STARs submitted under this section and reports from the public submitted under subsection (b)(2)(B) are referred as necessary to the appropriate Federal, State, or local law enforcement or regulatory agency; (B) make information in a STAR submitted under this section available to an agency, including any State financial institutions supervisory agency or United States intelligence6agency, upon request of the head of the agency; and (C) develop a strategy to disseminate relevant information in a STAR submitted under this section in a timely manner to other law enforcement and government agencies, as appropriate, and coordinate with relevant nongovernmental entities, such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

(2) LIMITATION.—The Attorney General may only make a STAR available under paragraph (1) for law enforcement purposes.

(3) COMPLIANCE.—Any provider of an interactive computer service that fails to report a known suspicious transmission shall not be immune from civil or criminal liability for such transmission under section 230(c) of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 230(c)).

(4) APPLICATION OF FOIA.—Any STAR submitted under this section, and any information therein or record thereof, shall be exempt from disclosure under section 5521of title 5, United States Code, or any similar State, local, tribal, or territorial law.

(5) RULE MAKING AUTHORITY.—Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Attorney General shall

promulgate regulations to carry out this section.

 (6) REPORT.—Not later than 180 days after the dateof enactment of this Act, the Attorney General shall submit to Congress a report describing the plan of the Department for implementation of this Act, including a breakdown of the costs associated with implementation.

(7) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.—There are authorized to be appropriated to the Attorney General such sums as may be necessary to carry out this Act.

SEC. 5. AMENDMENT TO COMMUNICATIONS DECENCY ACT. Section 230(e) of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 230(e)) is amended by adding at the end the following:


(A) REQUIREMENT.—Any provider of an interactive computer service shall take reasonable steps to prevent or address unlawful users of the service through the reporting of suspicious transmissions. ‘‘(B) FAILURE TO COMPLY.—Any provider of an interactive computer service that fails to report a known suspicious transmission may be held liable as a publisher for the related suspicious transmission. ‘‘(C) RULE OF CONSTRUCTION.—Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to impair or limit any claim or cause of action arising from the failure of a provider of an interactive computer service to report a suspicious transmission.’’.

It Begins

There is an old saying, be careful what you wish for because you’re liable to get it. And that looks like the case with Biden.

In a flurry of the equivalent of imperial edicts, Biden has managed to completely upend a major section of the American economy. In the stroke of a pen, he destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans, created a major point of strife with our neighbors to the north and set into motion ripples that will soon lead to bigger economic issues across the country. If his intention was to destroy the accomplishments of President Trump as quickly as possible, he got at least one thing right.

In addition to this, the true nature of the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo has come into full view. They are going far beyond what has normally happened whenever the White House and Congress changes parties. Given the vitriol coming out of ‘rats in Congress, it sounded more like Stalin’s purge of the USSR when he attained power.

The next two years are going to be interesting. With the help of a handful of RINOs, self-identified RINOs by actions, the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo knows they have the run of things for at least that time period and you can count on them working as hard as possible to enshrine these illegal actions that got them into power and will do everything…everything to ensure things don’t change.

I was once told that hatred was based in fear. The more you fear something, the more you hate it. That sounds a lot like the attitude towards President Trump and his accomplishments. I will be the first to admit that he was far from a perfect president. Yes, he had a level of smugness and to some extent arrogance about him, but that’s what set him apart from 98 percent of the occupants of the swamp. They hated him because he was beholden to no one. In other words, he couldn’t be bought.

Biden is dangerous. He appears to be a loose cannon, but I wonder. I am still convinced he is being manipulated by the ‘rats that are truly in power.

If you are a true American patriot who is concerned about the direction of the next two years, be vigilant. Watch, study, research and most of all, speak out. They win using shadows and deception. We win by using truth and light.

Alan Marshall

Is It Time to Fly the Flag Inverted?

By the Flag Code, flying the American Flag upside down, or inverted is a sign of danger or disaster. Is it time to do so now?

So it’s the first day of President (?) Biden’s time in a stolen office and already he took action to end 50.000 American jobs with the stroke of a pen. So much for Build Back America. That’s got to be a record for totally ignoring and breaking a campaign promise, something we will be seeing more of in the (literal) days to come.

And I’m seeing the foot soldiers of the (National Socialist) Democrat Politburo marching, looting, burning, and threatening police. Will Bunker Joe call them racists? Speaking of which I found it so funny that Joe’s speech talked about healing the country after using a broad brush to paint innocent Americans as racists and ignoring the calls for “reeducation” and “deprogramming” and blacklisting of people that disagree with the Politburo line.

Before 24 hours had passed Joe has managed to destroy almost all the progress that was made in 4 years to restore America to the status of the power plant it was. And I suspect that before his 100 days are over the people that put and are keeping him power (for now) will begin bulldozing the still burning rubble.

The graduates of the Goebbels School of Journalism have already begun their fawning and quite honestly have given me more reason not to accept their pabulum. Anybody wants to take bets on how long it will take the Hunter Biden fiasco to quietly fade away and allow “the big guy” to return to getting his share. In addition they are leading the charge for censorship of those that they don’t like or agree with.

As I said before, everything that has made America stronger and more prosperous is already being torn down. Energy independence, historically low unemployment (pre-pandemic), a red hot stock market, more money in the pockets of working Americans, better border protections and at least serious attempts to deal with illegal aliens in this country. Now we’re looking at a return to high unemployment, higher taxes which equals less money in your pocket, touchy-feely policies that will hurt the average American, over regulation, and worst of all, persecution of what used to be free Americans for having their own indecent thoughts, lives and beliefs, speaking of which, the war on faith and religion is about to go nuclear.

While we’re still allowed to, we need to pray for America for at least the next 2 years and hope we can have a fair election in an attempt to at least slow or hopefully stop the rot that is upon us..

Alan Marshall