Just A Small Wake Up Call

According to MSNBC, there are several things going to the Supreme Court one of which concerns gerrymandering in NC. The (National Socialist) Democrat Party is concerned that practice is going to be overturned and a more reasonable procedure is going to be put into place. Why? Because it most likely going to mean they are going to lose mucho power. I for one hope it happens. To have a district that runs the length of the state and is only a couple of miles wide is ridiculous. There is a “district” that is set up along an interstate that runs the length of NC. It’s predominantly Democrat so don’t tell me it’s not gerrymandered. Are there Republican districts as well? Most likely.  And they should be corrected as well. It’s supposed to be for the People, not the professional politicians.

The other is the woman out west that is making a preemptive strike against a potential case where someone would take her to court because she would refuse to render services to gay couples. We all know as soon as she would do so she would be sued and it would begin to make its way through the court system costing her so much to fight it would bankrupt her, so she would most likely either cave or shut down her business which is what they want. So she’s done what they didn’t expect and pulled off a brilliant flanking maneuver by going directly to the Supreme Court who agreed to hear it. The (NS) Democrat Party is going apoplectic over this because their standard tactic of draining her resources is going to fail. I applaud you Madam. Way to go!!! May your tactic, which looks like it’s going to work, be mirrored by others. This is a classic example of using their own methods against them, and they are going apoplectic over it.

Finally we are starting to fight back using their tactics and it’s driving them crazy. We need to continue this, regardless the outcome.

We need to continue to do things this way. We must continue to fight fire with fire. And our Party leaders need to pay attention to how We the People are doing it and start following suit. If they can’t or won’t, show them the door. In fact, I have been a strong advocate against term limits but I have changed my position and support term limits on Congress, both Houses. These people are, as I have said time and time again, become professional politicians. They see representing us and our States as a full time job. We also need to repeal the 17th Amendment in the Constitution which changed how our government is selected. Basically what is says is the Senate is selected by popular vote of the people instead of the State governments. When the government was set up, the House was designed to represent the individual, thus they were elected by the individual citizens. The Senate was designed to represent the individual States, thus each state, regardless of size, had two representatives. It’s also why each House had different responsibilities. But because of the removal of teaching U.S. Government in what they call schools but are really indoctrination centers, it no longer done or is watered down to a level of uselessness.

In fact I think this should be the next subject of my next posting. What do you all think?

Please let me know what you think of both my blog and the subjects. In fact, I could use some suggestions on subjects.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas (I know that’s politically incorrect but who cares) and Happy Holidays.

Carpe Diem ya’ll

Alan Marshall 

One thought on “Just A Small Wake Up Call

  1. I have for years said that the 17th Amendment should be revoked. It was nothing but progressive politicians that rammed that through. It was part of Woodrow Wilson’s agenda. It has been disastrous for our Country.


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