For Vets Old & New

I wanted to step back from the usual ranting about politics and share something that I know all veterans R & D alike can relate to. This is a salute to all who have worn the uniform of the American military at one time or another.

I found this is an article on a military/veteran website and have to say this one is so, so true.

In the back of every veteran’s closet, you’re likely to find some old uniforms, dusty caps, a stack of medical, training, and discharge records… maybe a few ribbons or medals. But these are just a few of the typical things that separated or retired service members keep with them. Other things, they’re stuck with forever.

So we compiled a list of the more non-traditional things that veterans carry for life.

  1. An incessant need to roll socks
  2. Bad knees
  3. The misguided idea that ibuprofen and fresh socks will cure any ailment
  4. Tinnitus. ZNNNNNNNNNG.
  5. The ability to sleep anywhere
  6. The plight of not being able to sleep at all
  7. Old combat boots. They’re great for mowing the lawn or a trip to Home Depot.
  8. Fear of tape tests
  9. Issues with authority figures
  10. Back pain
  11. T-shirts from strange events and places they don’t remember going
  12. A woobie that has seen better days.
  13. A swearing problem that is FUBAR
  14. A love/hate relationship with acronyms
  15. Total disdain for PowerPoint
  16. Scars from barracks shenanigans gone awry
  17. A few ugly divorces
  18. A truck they bought after gaining some sense and selling that Camaro they financed at 27% APR
  19. Some weird strip club stories
  20. Sleep apnea
  21. Bad tattoos that seemed like a really good idea at the time
  22. Boxy brown t-shirts that somehow have sweat stains in a different, more gross shade of brown
  23. A deeply stained, never-before-washed coffee mug that they tell everyone is “seasoned”

To all that have worn the uniform, I hope you enjoyed this and in spite of the ugly things that may have happened during your service brought a sigh and a smile.

Alan Marshall



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