America…A Third World Country?

Welcome to the United States of America…a third world country.

Major U.S. cities burning. Elected officials sitting on their thumbs with a “can’t we all get together” whine in their voice asking the thugs and animals to please calm down. LE officers being attacked and in some cases seriously injured trying to do their jobs while being told by “elected officials” to use a “light touch”, to let “protestors (?) get it out of their systems”. Police being told tell rioters “stop…or I’ll say stop again.”

One thing I suspect is this whole thing is a coordinated effort. It seemed to happen too quickly in too many places simultaneously and appears to be rather well organized. There is one report of someone finding piles, pallets of bricks positioned in the middle of an area of unrest. Antifa and their ancillary organizations (and I do mean organizations) have activated their cells and are directing/leading things.

There was one individual who said they were going to the suburbs next and I believe them. And if that happens it’s truly going to be anarchy. There are more than a few homeowners in those suburbs that are armed and will defend themselves and theirs. You will see neighbors coming together to defend each other. And when law enforcement go after the low hanging fruit, that being American citizens defending their families, their homes their neighborhoods, when they go arrest them and not just take their guns but also prevent them from ever owning a firearm again, they will find themselves on a two front situation. Law abiding citizens will not stand by and lose what they have worked their lives for and will adopt a “if you won’t protect us we will do it ourselves” attitude towards LEOs.

Don’t think these “professional” politicians (an oxymoron) aren’t thinking about the next election during all this. They now find themselves in a no-win situation. They’re just trying to figure out who carries the most power for reelection purposes so they can kowtow and suck up to them. Despite what they might say they only care about one thing…how can I retain my position of power?

I’m going to sit and watch these (Nationalist Socialist) Democrat) nests destroy themselves. The second sentence of Galatians 6:7 apply here…”Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return.“ You created this monster Dr. Frankenstein, now own it.

Alan Marshall

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