Silent Majority Silent Too Long

The following are headlines from a news site on line…

Senate committee votes to require renaming of military bases named after Confederates”

Prestigious music college practically trips over itself in profuse apology for letting cops use restrooms during protest

Majority of Americans now say it’s OK for NFL players to kneel during the national anthem”

Country group Lady Antebellum changes name because of ‘blindspots’ they didn’t know existed, including slavery”

School sics cops on 11-year-old after seeing a BB gun in his house during virtual lessons, says it’s no different than bringing a gun to school”

‘Live PD’ canceled; critics now demand changes for ‘PAW Patrol’ and Disney’s Splash Mountain”

NASCAR driver quits because fans can’t bring Confederate flags to races any more”

The silent majority of the United States has remained silent for so long that they have essentially given the majority to the screaming radical, socialist, progressive left and their sycophants. As an old saying in the military went, “there I was completely surrounded, knee deep in hand grenade pins, no ammo, and down to my last broken bayonet.” I really hate sounding so pessimistic but given what I’m seeing and hearing they have us patriots and real Americans back on our heels.

If you try to stand your ground and defend what made this country great you don’t just get called names, something that really doesn’t bother me a whole lot personally, but you can find your livelihood, your property, even the very lives of you and your family at serious risk.

Anyone who knows anything about how the textbook for the planning of an insurrection and overthrow of a government reads, the first thing that must be done is to establish a secure, no-go zone where guerilla fighters and groups can go to rest, resupply, and reorganize without concern. This is not conspiracy theory babble, this is fact. Add to this the calls for the disbanding or defanging of law enforcement and frightening people with the idea that bringing in Guard or activity duty troops to restore order is a military coup instead of supporting the limited number of police available in any city, I see only one path.

One man’s fear monger is another man’s realist.

I am so NOT woke I’m in a coma.

Alan Marshall

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