How Did This Happen

A city in Minnesota is considering removing the word “chief” from supervisory job titles because it might offend Native Americans.

The CEO of Chick-fil-A is suggesting white people should shine the shoes of black people “to express shame for racism”.


If you doubt me about any of this just Google it.

At this rate, anyone not considered woke enough or disagrees with these whackos will be rounded up and dragged off to reeducation camps. And the truly scary part is the people pushing this is are allowed to operate heavy machinery (i.e. cars}, own a gun, and vote!

Is this really how the greatest country in the world, a country that played a significant role in stopping the subjection of the world, that survived a civil war early in its formation, that went from the Wright Brothers to Neil Armstrong in the temporal blink of an eye, going to end?

Between this out-of-control insanity and the pandemic the Lords and Ladies are happy as can be. Not only is this allowing them to consolidate the power they’ve already acquired, it’s going to give them more control over what they consider the great unwashed masses of peasants. They are able to have their legions of paid minions on the streets to keep the chaos going. Paid by whom you ask? Some by direct cash payments from questionable sources but the majority are being paid by us, the people that don’t have time to spend days out protesting because we have jobs…jobs that pay taxes…taxes that gets collected by the Lords and Ladies under threat of imprisonment…then gets handed out to people who can’t work (deserving) and to people who WON’T work (undeserving). I wonder what the real numbers are for each group.

A poll says a third of people believe there is going to be a second Civil War. While I don’t put much credence into polls, I believe that number is too low. Hope I’m wrong.

As I write this President Trump is going to have a rally. I predict the leftist, socialist, lawless mobs are going to be there and there is going to a bloody outcome. Again, I hope I’m wrong.

 I am so NOT woke, I’m in a coma

Alan Marshall

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