Again…Bring It

I am about to bring the unholy wrath of the ultra-woke, radical leftist, Marxist, socialist/communist, lawless, Democrat backed mobs down on my head (like I really care), and I want your help in doing it.

We have seen the destruction of statues because of what they represent.  We have seen historical places, religious and non-religious, desecrated and vandalized. We have seen people, communities, and businesses threatened into accepting one point of view and if they refuse they are attacked both verbally and physically. They were forced to accept someone else’s views and words as truth regardless of facts, or the absence thereof.

Now the question and the answer that is going to create a firestorm. Am I talking about the Taliban and ISIS or am I talking about BLM and Antifa and their minions? Am I comparing these roving mobs of looters and anarchists to the Taliban and ISIS? Before I answer I invite you to look at what’s happening in that festering sore they call CHAZ/CHOP/CESSPOOL or whatever.

But to answer the question about making a comparison…YES! Show me the difference between them, their tactics and there ultimate goals!

One difference I will concede between the two…one has not racked up a large body count…yet.

And before those of you out there that support the looting, burning, intimidation, sedition, and lawless behavior by trying to call them “protesters” and “victims”, I am prepared to back up my comparison with photographic evidence and numerous eyewitness reports.

Having the inconvenient truth thrown into your face really sucks, doesn’t it.

Now, as for how those of you out there that are willing to help show what these individuals truly are and what their goals are, I would ask you to post this letter to your social media accounts. If you do, feel free to credit it to me in order to avoid backlash against you and yours. Also feel free to add whatever comments you wish.

To the mouth-foaming, rabid haters that will call me everything but a child of God, I want to repeat…I don’t care about your reaction. And I have two words for you…BRING IT!!!.

Oh and you might want to check NC General Statute § 14-51.2.

God save this great country.

Alan Marshall

3 thoughts on “Again…Bring It

    1. The statute listed is the North Carolina Castle Doctrine which, in a nutshell says you are permitted to use any level force necessary. to include deadly force, to protect yourself, your family, or a third party from serious bodily harm or death. This includes inside your home, vehicle, or place of business. If you Google the statute you’ll see the full wording and description.


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