What If…

I just come up with a wonderful idea to help law enforcement put a lid on the rioting mobs across the country. Let’s pass a series of laws that would semi-deputize the average, straight thinking citizen.

First, pass a law that says if you are in the street intentionally blocking traffic and get hit by a vehicle, the driver is exempt from prosecution or charges both criminal and civil.

If you are attempting to break into, burn, destroy, damage or loot a business or home and are shot by the owner or their agent, they are exempt from criminal or civil prosecution.

If you point or fire a weapon at another person and are in return shot, the shooter is exempt from criminal and civil prosecution unless they miss and hit someone other than the intended target.

Would anybody care to venture how long these (National Socialist) Democrat backed mobs would last if the protection of the law was modified to provide for instant karma for the illegal actions they do thinking they don’t have to act like civilized people. It wouldn’t be long before the cowardly leaders hiding behind the cattle were exposed and probably even find themselves being confronted by their puppets.

I always have been and always will be an advocate of the idea that you let the other side set the rules of engagement. Show a fist, I show a stick. They show a stick, I show a knife. They show a knife, I show a gun. They show a gun, I show a bigger and more guns. Oh, and one other important thing. I use it at the first sign of a hostile move on their part.

You escalate, I’ll escalate further. You deescalate, so will I. I don’t start trouble nor do I go looking for it, but I will not run from it. I fought fair once in my life and got handed my butt. That was the LAST time I fought fair.

Robert A Heinlein said it best…“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

One last thing in closing, as a bone to the social justice whiners that have a problem with jailing non-violent offenders for crimes like possession for private use, trespassing, misdemeanor crimes not involving personal injury or property damage how about if we bring back the public stocks.

Just a thought.

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