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The Mayor of Chicago is claiming the looting that took place the city was not spontaneous but was planned and organized because according to her folks were showing up with U-Hauls, trailers and equipment specifically designed to, among other things, cut metal.

Of course the Chicago family of BLM (Black Lives Mafia) disagrees and says if we should just let the people run rough shod over the police everything would be fine.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Lee Norman presented a coronavirus case chart to the media that was supposed to show the counties following the mask directive were doing better than the ones that weren’t. One problem…he manipulated the data on the chart to get that result. When it was corrected it was found that the no mask counties had fewer new cases then the mask counties. Oops.

In Austin Texas they are cutting the police budget by one third and “redistributing’ the money to other social programs, among them abortion access. God forbid someone should have to work hard to abort an innocent life because it’s an inconvenience, but its ok for someone to get murdered with no possibility of assistance.

At some point I will be opining on Uncle Joe’s pick for VP. And on that subject, I truly wonder if he really was the one to have made that choice. I personally believe we will be seeing a President Harris before the end of 2021, although on the other hand, having a clueless front man to take all the heat is a probability.

One thing that’s happen that I find so amusing is how President Trump made an end run around Commissar Pelosi and her minions on the relief argument. They so badly want to get more of OUR money to give away to their subalterns running their soon to become pestholes they call cities. They’re all whining about how they don’t have the funds to get stuff done. What that means is they don’t have the funds to buy the votes to stay in power.

Finally, we must get out the vote. This applies to every race from the local level all the way up to President. But not only get out the vote, but get out the educated vote. Research the candidates. Look at their record, if any. Contact them and ask questions…hard questions. And for those currently in office, hold their feet to the fire. Politely confront them and make your feelings known. In theory these people work or will work FOR YOU.

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