So let’s see, it appears that not only is the lawless rioting, looting and general destruction of private and public property spreading, based on a recent video out of Kenosha Wisconsin that shows at least two or three individual armed with rifles and pistols confronting a Sheriff’s vehicle…an armored Sheriff’s vehicle…with at least one actually squaring off against an armored vehicle with a rifle. (BTW it was one of those scary black rifles the left wants take away…at least at first…from anyone not with them…at least for now)

First, this demonstrates a major level of escalation on the part of the BLM/Antifa/Socialist Leftist rioters that the main stream liars keep calling “peaceful protesters”. Add this to the video of a different mob, some of whom were armed, marching through a suburban neighborhood, blocking traffic and at one point an armed individual took a threatening stance and squaring off against a man in his pick up just trying to get home.

Second, what kind of idiot squares off against an armored vehicle…an ARMORED vehicle…with a rifle? Someone needs to be held responsible for allowing overgrown children to play with guns.

Then you had a guy badly beaten for trying to help a trans individual that was being assaulted and mugged a mob made up of folks that are supposed to be out there for them. So obviously they are starting to eat their own. Or could it be they really don’t care about those people and have been using them as cover their real agenda.

Yes, there was a confrontation between left and right extremists and that was dangerous and stupid. It’s one thing to stand your ground and defend yourself and everything you believe in, it’s another to go looking for a fight. I also saw tactics being used by the Antifa mob that showed coordination and training. Not so much on the other side. They definitely need some pointers.

My whole point is the façade is starting to fall away. They have tested the waters by having a few individuals they could later deny if it went sideways show up armed. I strongly suspect you are going to start seeing more and it will inevitably escalate to the next level with someone, police most likely, being shot. If and when that happens it will be Katy bar the door and because politicians have let it get to this level the police will be hard pressed to get back the control that will have been lost. When this happens that will be, I believe, the beginning of the REAL fight. That will be the time when you will see the next moron with a gun that tries to take a threatening stance against a man in his truck or tries to snatch a man out of his vehicle or intimidate a mother and her children get dropped like a bad habit.

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Commies.

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