The Caring, Loving Left…NOT!!!

So the bomb throwing dear of the left Shaun King has ramped up the call for violence, both physical and non-physical, buy issuing a threat that if they don’t name the officer involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake he will start outing random police officers names and information claiming they might have been the one. This piece of evil incarnate crap (not the word I wanted to use) doesn’t care about the safety and security of the officers or their families. Sounds a lot like blackmail.

Next we go to Seattle where ‘peaceful protesters’ tried to seal up the door on a police station with cement and then set the building on fire with police officers inside. I don’t think I need to expound on this cowardly act.

Let’s talk about the compassionate Hollywood liberals like Bette Midler who went on Twitter trying to rip the First Lady with the following comments.

“#beBest is back! A UGE bore! She can speak several words in a few languages. Get that illegal alien off the stage!”

“Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.”

“I’m surprised Trump wants to destroy the #PostOffice. He got all his wives from it,”

“Get that illegal alien off the stage”

Crickets from the mainstream liars, but if it had been a ‘rat on the stage there would have been lynch mobs in the streets wanting blood. And I thought the term ‘illegal alien’ was hate speech.

Finally there is Don Lemon who was begging Bunker Biden to come out and condemn the violence not because of the deaths, the injuries, the destruction of private and public property, and the loss of small businesses. No, he wanted him to call for an end because it’s hurting Democrats in the polls. That’s what’s most important. BTW, they got Joe lucid enough for a short period that he could read the teleprompter with some rambling statement about stopping the violence.

I’m very anxious to see and hear the attempts by the leftists, the liberals, and the social justice whiners to defend these DOCUMENTED despicable acts by their Antifa loving, radical Socialist/Communist supporting, soulless icons. Please, I’m begging you, bring it.

Also, anybody want to take bets that at some time in the near future someone is going to declare that Hurricane Laura is racist because minorities got hit the hardest.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Alan Marshall

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