Something To Be Afraid Of

In one of my Letters to the Editor posted to the Rhino on August 28th one individual in a series of replies stated that he believed I was afraid of Socialism. And I replied yes, I was.

As I said there, I am afraid of Socialism because I not only know what it can do I have SEEN firsthand what it has done to countries where it’s being attempted. It might start out looking like the answer but soon people begin to realize their rights are taken away “under a temporary emergency decree until things can improve.” Of course that time never comes. What does come is a morphing of a Socialist system into a Marxist/Communist system.

In my reply, I said “Our rights are given to us by God and have been defended by countless others who have sacrificed blood, sweat, tears, and in many cases their lives to ensure we still have them. We have no right to allow them to be taken away or to stand by while it happens.” And I mean every word. What truly concerned me was his reply.

“Which rights were given by god and which were written by man?

The right to own a gun? The right to travel and conduct personal business? The right to breathe?

Which rights were given by god? Don’t forget to site your sources.

You’ll realize quickly that humankind converted their beliefs into laws which then became recognized and over the years indoctrinated as “rights”. A right to live? That contradicts support of capital punishment. A right to liberty? That contradicts support of lengthy prison sentences. A right to the pursuit of happiness? Maybe you got me there. I’m not sure how protestors pursuing their happiness is so antithetical to what you stand for then.”

Attitude and beliefs like that are what, in my opinion, fuel the socialist movement in this country. I am in no way saying or implying he is a Socialist or adheres to Socialist doctrine. But people that think like him are how the Socialists and anarchists have been able to gain an upper hand.

When it came to standing up to the Socialist/Marxist/Communist left and their brain dead foot soldiers like Antifa and BLM, those of us that will not bow to their demands and point of view refer to ourselves as sheepdogs, prepared to stand between others and the wolves howling for their blood. I in particular refer to myself as a sheepdog with rabies.

He, like many others, seem to have a problem seeing the difference between a protester, that being someone who marches, has rallies, hands out flyers, and rioters, who burn, loot, assault and in too many cases kill those who oppose them. He has accused me of advocating violence in spite of not knowing me, my thoughts and ignoring my mantra, that being I do not look for trouble, but I will not run from it either. I will stand and defend people and property from these animals if the police can’t or won’t. If they want to talk, I’m willing to talk. But screaming in my face, calling me names, accusing me of being a racist/sexist/homophobe/white supremacist is not talking.

I will engage a protestor anytime, and have in the past. I will defend them while they exercise their Constitutional right. But rioters and anarchists only understand one thing. If they want to dance, we can dance. I will meet force with more force. I will escalate when they escalate. But I will deescalate when they do.

As my favorite quote from history goes, said by Captain John Parker on the Lexington Green, “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

‘Nuff said.

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