If It’s True…

I just came across a very interesting news article. I’m still trying to get more verification but if it’s real, it could have a very serious effect on not just us, but the entire world.

From the article: “A Chinese virologist who escaped to the United States earlier this year claims the coronavirus is man-made — and she says she has the evidence to prove it.”

Her name is Dr. Li-Meng Yan and she was based in Hong Kong.  And she claims to have been one of the first Chinese scientists to have studied the covid-19 virus which she says was created in the Wuhan bio lab.

She also claims that the communist Chinese government run the lab and has been lying to the world about the virus. She also claims that she will soon release proof of her claims in the form of the genome sequence which is like a fingerprint for a virus.

If what she is saying is true and if her proof holds up and make it into the public eye, it has the potential for turning 9/10ths of the world against the communist Chinese government.

More to follow as I find it.

2 thoughts on “If It’s True…

  1. What I have read on Zerohedge with graphic pictures and explanations and what the dr. says –who escaped from Hong Kong– is probably very credible that the virus is a manufactured virus. It’s a patented virus, therefore can not be from nature. Keep in mind the US is up to its eyeballs in its manufacture. My personal opinion is that the “CIA, Deep State” or whatever branch got this good dr. out of Hong Kong and wants the world to point the finger at China. Both countries are involved. Another distraction for the “people”.


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