If It’s True…Pt 2

It’s September 15, 2020 and I am watching Tucker Carlson interview the Chinese virologist that has claimed to have evidence that the covid-19 virus is actually a created virus out of the Wuhan lab.

She stated that she was going to be releasing more information soon, but she told Tucker that the virus was in fact created in the lab using a version of the virus found in bats. She says the genome, the equivalent of a fingerprint, will prove what she is saying.

When asked if her statement means the Chinese government intentionally released the virus on the world she replied in the affirmative. She went on to say that scientists around the world have the information but are not telling all because they are possibly being pressured by the Chinese government and military. We already know the WHO was voluntarily or involuntarily cooperating with the Chinese to hide the truth.

IF, if this is true, there is the potential for a very, very, very serious backlash on the Chinese government that could legitimately be called an act of war against humanity. IF, if this is the case, we stand to see something that, given the advance that have been made, will make WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam combined look like a sandbox tiff.

I really want this to fall into the conspiracy theory category.

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