How Much More Can We Take?

With more and more reports and stories about the lawless animals taking to the streets with the intent looting, burning and destroying the property of law abiding citizens, the real gorilla in the room is what can we as individual citizens do to protect and defend our families, our property and our lives when for all appearances law enforcement, primarily at the upper echelons of leadership, do not intervene.

As always I don’t blame the officers on the line. They have to follow the instructions given to them, frustrating as they often are. Plus they cannot be everywhere at once. Add to that how Das and SGs that turn around and refuse to charge or even simply ignore the law and release the offenders to return to the riots. Now they have become so emboldened as to directly attacking officers. The next step is obvious. They will begin doxing individual officers, putting their families in danger. What happens then? Would you leave your home knowing your family could be attacked? These tactics are straight out of the handbook.

But back to us, the individual citizen and business owner. We saw what happened in downtown Greensboro. Unrest and destruction and who was held responsible? Yet if a citizen or a business owner had taken steps to protect themselves or their business they would have been jailed in a New York minute. This is the dilemma. We as civilized human beings adhere to the rules and laws of society which puts us at a disadvantage against the uncivilized who don’t care. I understand the alternative is anarchy. But there is another option. It’s very simple. If you break the law you are arrested, tried, and if found guilty punished. And I mean punished as in you are fined monetarily, spend time in jail, and have a criminal record.

The average citizen is getting tired of the current status quo. They want to live their lives and conduct their business without fear. How long before they the silent majority gives an ultimatum to the spineless “elected representatives” that are failing to act.

More and more sheep are turning into sheepdogs. They’ve been ignored and abused too long and are demanding action. They are frustrated by the inaction of the “authorities”. Across the country they are starting to organize. How long before they start doing what the “elected representatives” are supposed to be doing? Those “representatives have one primary job, just one. That job is to defend the safety and freedom of the citizens. That is their only real job and they are beginning to fail, in some cases miserably.

If they cannot do their primary job, what are we, the citizens who are being directly impacted by all this, supposed to do? Apparently, as far as they are concerned, we are just supposed to roll over and take it…accept it as the new status quo.

My answer to them is a double middle finger salute. As a sheepdog, the commands I don’t understand or follow are “roll over”, “sit”, or “stay”. I have a responsibility to my family, my possessions, my neighbors and friends, my country and my God, and I take those responsibilities seriously. As has been said, I took an oath when I joined the military and repeated it every time I re-enlisted to defend this country and its Constitution from ALL ENEIMIES FORIGEN AND DOMESTIC.

Am I advocating vigilantism? No. Am I advocating violent confrontation? No. Am I advocating we as law abiding citizens stand by and do nothing? Hell no!!!

“Stand your ground, don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

Those words, attributed to Captain John Parker on the Lexington Greene, need to be to be the call to action when it comes to facing down these lawless animals looting and burning towns and cities and now neighborhoods across the country if the gutless authorities won’t act.

The fuse is dangerously close to being lit.

Alan Marshall

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