The MSM Mask Has Come Off

Bunker Joe Biden has called Antifa “an idea”.

Well, it seems “an idea” assaulted people holding a group of people holding a free speech rally in San Francisco sending one to the hospital in an ambulance and knocked out two front teeth of the organizer. Oh and by the way the organizer was a black man, who was being called a n****r by “an idea”. The group had to be physically escorted back to their vehicles by LEO after they were pelted with bottles of water and unknown substances.

Numerous times Biden has been asked if he knew anything about his son’s business dealings and numerous times he said he never discussed his son’s business dealings. Then the laptop surfaced and when he was asked about a specific meeting referenced on an email on that computer his campaign claimed his OFFICAL schedule showed no such meeting. Later in a tweet, the campaign decided it needed to do a CYA and say there MAY have been a meeting that didn’t show on the official schedule.

And the graduates of the Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism, under the guidance of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party, are trying go as far as they can to protect Bunker Joe from the laptop scandal that they are more interested in asking him what flavor of milkshake he ordered from Cookout then about what could be potentially compromising information that could endanger our national security by putting a puppet of the Chinese into the White House.

Wait, where have we heard about something like that before? And man did we hear about it from the ‘rats propaganda arm, aka the MSM.

So let’s see, we had a dossier bought and paid for by the Hildabeast and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party, created by a known liar using made up information and crap generated by the Russians to try to show a candidate compromised by hostile foreign power. On the other hand we have a reportedly personal laptop belonging to Biden’s son with emails, some of which have been verified by people listed on the emails who said ‘yes, that happened’ which show a candidate compromised by a very hostile foreign power. Oh, and he’s getting rich at the same time, supposedly even extorting his own son. This is the guy we want running the country.

Oh wait, I misspoke. It will be Kamala running things.

Alan Marshall

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