De Oppresso Liber

To be brutally honest it’s not looking real good.

My greatest fear, that the fix was in, is becoming a reality. As soon as some states began sending out mail-in ballots based on their existing voter rolls I knew they had finally found a way to rig the election in their favor in such a way as to ensure their ascent to power.

On the plus side, the (National Socialist) Democrat Party failed to gain a majority in the Senate, something that has those pointing fingers at one another and creating dissent within their ranks, and they actually lost some seats in the House which is going to make it more difficult for them to press forward with their agenda. It’s even possible there could be a parity created once the dust has settled. Additionally, Conservatives now have, at least for now, a solid majority on the Supreme Court to help to counteract the inevitable flood of Executive Orders that will come flowing out of the White House to both counter the ones put out by President Trump and new ones to force through the things Socialist Joe promised to do but would never get through the Legislative Branch. This means the Supreme Court will be very busy. And after enough of his Socialist Decrees get shot down we will see the push to pack the Court.

Another bright spot is the ‘rats failed in their attempts to flip State Legislatures which means they are behind the eight ball when it comes to redistricting due to this being a census year. In fact, the Republicans flipped two State Legislatures along with two Governorships. This gives them control in 24 out of 36 states that will be redrawing Congressional districts, State Legislatures, or both.

This battle may have been lost, but it’s just one battle. We as Conservatives and Republicans have been overwhelmed before, but we cannot and will not give in to forces that want to permanently alter this great country and turn it into Northern Venezuela.

We as Conservatives and Republicans must stiffen our resistance to the inevitable attempts to push this country into Socialism.

I will not be one of those petty “He’s not my President” people. I will concede he is President and leave it at that. At least until they feel the time is right to replace him with his Vice President.

De Oppresso Librer

Alan Marshall

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