A Coup In The Making?

COUP -a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.

During my time in the military I had the opportunity to visit a lot of different places. Some of these were countries that had their government overthrown by coups. Not one of these countries was better off after the coup then it was before. In fact, it was worse.

Never in my lifetime did I think I would be seeing that sort of thing happening in this country. I never thought I would be seeing the attempts to execute a coup against the legal government of the United States.

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party loved spreading the idea that President Trump would not accept the results of a LEGAL election and would refuse to leave the White House if he lost. Bunker Joe Biden has not legally and officially won the election yet he is demanding that his “transition team” be allowed in the White House to begin settling in. He has not won the election but is demanding access to the White House as if he has. This folks is a classic example of an attempted coup.

While I very much want President Trump to be re-elected for a second term, what I really want to see happen is the rampant fraud and abuse that was perpetrated by the left and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party be exposed to the American people and in particular to those that have been indifferent to the process and buried their heads in the sand in an attempt to pretend it wasn’t happening. These people need to see what happens when they are more concerned about TMZ then what their representatives are or are not doing.

With BLM (the questionable organization) and Antifa (they’re “just an idea” according to Bunker Joe Biden) running ramped through American streets intimidating people (BLM) and setting the stage for looting, burning, and physical assaults it will take someone with infinitely more backbone then Sleepy Joe to stop this madness and bring the country back from the brink.

But then, we may not have to worry about President Biden. We have something even worse….PRESIDENT HARRIS!!!

Folks, this thing is far from over. The fight has only begun. As I said before, I’m looking beyond who won. I’m looking to see how deep the rot runs. Not IF there was wrongdoing, but WHO and HOW wrongdoing was done.

Depending on the final outcome of all this you may see a change of tone on this blog,


One thought on “A Coup In The Making?

  1. I wish the criminals like Obama, Biden Crime Family, Clinton Crime Family, and others would be held accountable and prosecuted. Apparently, there is nobody with the courage to do so. I thought Barr was going to be the one, but he has done nothing. Neither has the Senate Judicial Committee. Now, it’s too late.


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