“Kneel Before “Zod!”

The following is an article from The Blaze website.on the slowly growing religon of The Order of the Mask.

I do not deny the seriousness of the Covid situation and believe we need to be careful, we need to take preventative actions. But I also believe this is beginning to be used as a tool to subvert, ever so slowly and ever so subtly, our individual freedoms and move us towards a more socialist society controlled by self-proclaimed Lords and Ladies who are supposed to be working FOR us, not AGAINST us.

“Kneel before Zod!” is a line from Superman II. Look it up.

Commentary: Mask-wearing fanaticism sure looks a lot like a religion

‘Kneel before Zod’

Steve Deace

A prominent Christian pastor tweeted the following this week: “Two seemingly contradictory currents mark our society 1. There is a denunciation of all claims of absolute truth 2. Yet there is also a fanaticism in which one position or group is absolutely right, nothing is ambiguous, and divergent views should be destroyed.” Calling all Americans to take back our constitutional freedoms

I feel ya, brother. But nothing contradictory is in fact going on at all. This is the logical destination of attempting to usurp the ultimate authority in all the universe. It is biblically defined double-mindedness perfected. “My truth” can’t help but become “kneel before Zod.”

As a consequence, the Beatitudes are indeed replaced with the Fanaticisms. They are ever-changing, non-eternal, entirely arbitrary power grabs that seek not to instill humility and healing but elevate lies to the level of ultimate justice.

One of the latest Fanaticisms is the wearing of masks. We are waaaaay past science on this one and firmly in the realm of voodoo now. However, it’s a voodoo that only gets more obnoxiously mandatory the more it is proven to be a total fraud.

We’ve had an Ohio mask mandate in effect for at least 112 days. A Maryland mask mandate for at least 106 days. A New York mask mandate for at least 128 days. Yet all of their governors are currently threatening more shutdowns because of a new coronavirus “surge.”

There is absolutely nowhere masks have been shown in real time to be effective at slowing Covid after months of trying. No state. No country. Nowhere. And the science published by the CDC itself even said that would be the case as a public health policy for respiratory infections before Covid came along. But now masks have been necromanced into relevance and false righteousness many times over. We’ve incredulously been told by the witch doctor atop the CDC they are better than a vaccine.

Well, they are a vaccine alright, but not really meant to kill the virus. They are meant to kill us. Our freedom. Our dignity. Our sense of reality itself. The more they don’t actually work but we continue to agree to wear them, that becomes all the more clear. We are telling the universe that our fear is our greatest certainty and the flat earth is our greatest comfort.

No wonder a dementia patient may be on on the verge of becoming president. He is the mask personified. A twice-failed presidential candidate with a nearly 50-year-long track record in public “service” of never making a damn thing better, so why don’t we try him again but only harder this time! What could possibly go wrong?

It is failure incarnate. It is failure sacramentalized. It is failure fundamentalized. The Fanaticisms are taking on all the markings of a religion because that is their dark destiny. The increasingly preposterous will become more and more enviable and inevitable as our governing idols.

That should sound to you like the reverse of the miracle of creation, where impossible grace steps into the void and compels all that is good. If God created everything ‘ex nihilo,’ then the terrible math of the Fanaticisms must use and abuse everything to anoint absolutely nothing at all. The abyss is the destination.

It is the most pathetic grift of all time. And it is working. So sayeth the mask.

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