Not Go Quietly Into That Good Night

One of Creepy Uncle Joe’s close advisors on the Covid-19 situation has presented a plan calling for another national lockdown but with a new twist. Not only lock down small and middle sized businesses, but also pay people their lost wages and those businesses their lost profits.

So let me get this straight… that which makes up the largest source of jobs, which in turn generates the largest source of income in the form of taxes, which is what the Federal government needs to operate, which would be the very source needed to give out all that money.

I’m no economist and I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn but even I can figure out that none of that adds up. Even if they “raise taxes on the rich” to try to pay for it, even if they “tax the rich” at a 100% tax rate they couldn’t even begin to come up with enough money to meet that ridiculous plan. Even a blind man could see that. But what it would do is create a situation where SOMEBODY could begin justifying the idea of oh, I don’t know, nationalizing selected industries “for a brief period of time during this national emergency in order to meet the needs of the American people.”

But wait…that’s, that’s SOCIALISM! And that’s just something the Bad Orange Man is using to scare people into submission. That would never happen here. We, the (National Socialist) Democrat Party, the Party of the people, the Party of The Squad and their overwhelming popular programs which will bring peace, prosperity, and manna from Heaven for all, would never let that happen. At least not until we were sure we could make it stick.

If Bunker Joe Biden is declared to be the winner in this election, this is just one example of the kind of “administration” we can expect until the real powers behind the throne decide it’s time to put their REAL choice President into place at which point the final downfall of the Republic, the real civil war will begin. And make no mistake there are plenty of true Americans that will “not go quietly into that good night”. They will stand up for what made this country what it was. They will stand up for keeping this country a free, independent, Constitutional Republic.

Alan Marshall

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