What Else Don’t We Know?

Have you ever heard of the Federal Contested Elections Act of 1969?

It is a piece of legislation passed by a Democrat House and Senate back in 1969 which allows either chamber of Congress to overrule a State certified election that has been determined to be a close call. In other words, if the election is close enough, the party with the majority can overturn the state certification and seat whoever contested the outcome by just voting it to be done.

It was last used by the Democrats (surprise, surprise) back in 1985 when the House Administration Committee declared Rep. Frank McCloskey (D-IN) the winner of a close race in which his Republican challenger, Richard McIntyre, was certified as the winner by state election authorities. Democrats used their House majority to seat McCloskey and Republicans walked out of the chamber in protest. In other words, the (National Socialist) Democrat Party blatantly stole and election then, unlike now where they’re doing so in a much more covert manner. It’s currently being used to try to overturn House elections in Iowa and New York in favor of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party.

This begs the question what other such hidden legal ploys for grabbing power exists? And how can this sort of obvious violation of the whole basis of how we select our representatives have stood without challenge. This whole thing boils down disenfranchising the voters, something both sides are constantly accusing each other of.

Legislation like this is why it’s so extremely important that people pay attention to what is being done by our “elected officials”. They vote themselves benefits, pay raises, and immunity from the very laws they force on us and apparently the ability to overturn your legally elected representative in order to maintain their hold on power.

The Constitution provides for a procedure for the House of Representatives to select the President of the United States and the Senate to select the Vice President in the event neither candidate is able to get the required 270 electoral votes. What it doesn’t do is give them the power to override a selection of the people’s representatives.

They are supposed to be the people’s servants, but who is serving who? Who watches the watchers, who guard the guardians?

Alan Marshall

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