Is This the Future?

So what’s in store for America if/when Sleepy Uncle Joe is anointed President? Let’s look at some headlines which the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about.

“Kamala Harris calls for honoring Sandy Hook victims with gun control on 8th anniversary of school massacre”

This one has been discussed before. Harris/Biden has published their intentions to do everything they can, legal and illegal, to disarm the American people. An armed populous is very difficult to control. Every Marxist/Socialist/Communist knows this.

“Abraham Lincoln HS in San Francisco may get renamed…”

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party, now being led by Harris/Biden, is doing their best to rewrite history by purging anything that will remind the American people of their roots and how they got where they are up to this point. We must be made more malleable for our Lords and Ladies.

“Transgender activist says all children should be put on puberty blockers until they can decide their gender”

According to THEM, parents are incapable of making proper decisions on how to raise their children. They need to be cut out of the process completely. The State will take care of them.

“House Democrat urges Pelosi to punish, retaliate against Republicans who supported Texas SCOTUS lawsuit”

All resistance must be crushed, even if it means going so far as to not seating Republican Representatives that dared to stand up against THEM. They don’t care these people are elected by the people to represent them, they are rebels and must be crushed to show the peons who’s boss. THEY will decide who “represents” you.

“Migrant caravan heads for US, where immigrants hope to exploit Biden’s reversal of Trump policies”

Borders? We don’t need no stinkin’ borders! Borders are racist as is anyone who demands them. In fact to make it right let’s just give anyone here who was not born here citizenship. They deserve it.

Does anyone want to make a bet that we will soon see the Harris/Biden version of Mein Kampf (same story, just a different name) and that it will become mandatory reading and study in all government run indoctrination centers (public schools) and then quickly followed by the few remaining, soon to be dissolved, private schools?

I can hear the Left’s flying monkeys now. “Are you implying Democrats are equivalent to Nazis?” No…I’m flat out saying it! If they can, so can I!  Deal with it!

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