The State of the Union?

What has happened to this country at the national level? The eunuch acting Republican Party and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party seem to have forgotten, or maybe are flat out ignoring, that the primary mission of the federal government is to ensure the safety and security of the United States of America, not to jockey against one another in their quest for power.

We are seeing hacking of major systems, BS amendments that have no connection or bearing to enhancing or maintaining defense being written into defense appropriations bills, ignoring foreign spies that all but openly operate at the highest levels of our government and in one case allowing an individual to sit on one of the most sensitive committees in our government and who maintained contact with the spy right up until the day their association became public knowledge even though they were notified about the spy long before. You have the top law enforcement agency of the nation blatantly involved in an attempt to participate in what can only be called a coup against the President of the United States.

In all these cases both parties have either directly or indirectly participated or they sat on their hands and were either silent, paid lip service or worked against their own party all because they were afraid of losing power.

On a more local level, state and city officials have sat back and allowed their citizens to be subjected to looting, burning, domestic terrorism, and extortion for days and weeks on end by hamstringing, and in some cases vilifying, law enforcement when they tried to do their job. Why? Because they are afraid of being called racists and making a handful of people mad.

Major businesses and governments have allowed themselves to be extorted by vocal minority radicals, aka BLM, while ignoring the average citizens in the silent majority. Speaking of which, you, that silent majority, aka sheeple, are the ones responsible for that to not only occur but to continue.

Add to this witches brew is the destruction of the very basis for our form of government, that being a free and fair election process.

The band AC/DC has a song title that says it best…Highway to Hell. At the rate we’re going I hope to God there’s an off ramp somewhere ahead, otherwise it’s going to get real ugly real quick.

Alan Marshall

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