Where’s the Outrage?

Where is the outrage over this incredibly obvious financial fraud being perpetrated on the American people? Why are there no protesters outside the local office of every Representative and Senator who signed on to this extortion of American taxpayers?

We are supposed to be overwhelmingly grateful, we are supposed to be genuflecting to these self-styled Lords and Ladies who see themselves as our saviors, we are supposed to be singing hosanna on the highest to these clowns, these crooks, these parasites, and their various sycophants and minions, all of whom have never missed a very generous paycheck during this crisis, something that can’t be said for those of us that are forced at gunpoint, at the threat of imprisonment, to give up OUR money to pay those salaries! We are supposed to be all that and more over a $600 check while they spend billions…billions on CRAP that has no relation to the Covid crisis, billions being sent overseas for MORE CRAP that has no bearing on the suffering of the average American! OUR money that should be going to help AMERICANS that are hurting! It’s like the scene from Oliver Twist where he walks up with his bowl extended and a begging look on his face as he says “Please sire, may I have some more?” and the man stares arrogantly stares down his nose at him and bellows “More!?”

And they don’t care that it’s THEIR imperial edicts that have put American citizens in a position of losing everything they have worked for. They don’t care because they have theirs, continue to get theirs and with this bill have ensured it won’t stop anytime soon.

I want to make it quite clear that this applies to both the Republican and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party. There are a few brave exceptions on both sides that will be vilified by the mainstream liars and propagandists who will try to make people believe those patriots don’t care about Americans because they spoke out against this travesty.

And there is one more group that needs to be called out…the sheeple that are sitting on their butts, wringing their hands, and whining about this and the election crisis. This happens because of you. This happens because YOU won’t pick up a pitchfork or a torch and make what should be your outrage known.

Remember THEY work for YOU!

Alan Marshall

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