“A Republic, if you can keep it”

The Constitutional Republic system of government that made this country the world leader in a relatively short period of time…is boned. The socialist barbarians are no longer at the gates, they’ve breached them. They’ve already began the revamping of American society into a genderless, agnostic, proletariat that will be ruled by what was once ourContinue reading ““A Republic, if you can keep it””

Where’s the Outrage?

Where is the outrage over this incredibly obvious financial fraud being perpetrated on the American people? Why are there no protesters outside the local office of every Representative and Senator who signed on to this extortion of American taxpayers? We are supposed to be overwhelmingly grateful, we are supposed to be genuflecting to these self-styledContinue reading “Where’s the Outrage?”

Basis For a Race War?

Consider this headline… “REVEALED: Every single US state is being advised to consider ethnic minorities as critical groups for vaccination with HALF prioritizing black and Hispanic residents over white.” “California, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Indiana are among those who have listed equity as a ‘key principle for vaccine distribution’” Can these spineless, gutless,Continue reading “Basis For a Race War?”