The Mayor of Seattle just announced that she has decided to send the police in to reclaim the area known as CHOP or CHAZ or CESSPOOL or whatever they’re calling themselves now. And the Chief of Police is undoubtedly is thinking to himself “Thanks Mayor. Thanks for letting them know we’re coming. They won’t be preparing for us. They won’t be waiting in ambush for us. And how are we supposed to do our job without the tools you took away from us. What are we supposed to use, spitballs?”

I hope they put every trauma center and hospital ER in the area on standby because this could get real ugly real quick.

People have been injured and at least one has died in that hellhole for no reason whatsoever.  God only knows what else has happen in there. All because the Mayor was more concerned with what would allow her to retain and even grow her power then doing what she was elected to do. And it’s not just there but in too many places across this country.

Some people may be upset at this, but if you’re one of those that have “seen the elephant”, a euphemism for having been in combat, you understand the my gallows humor coming out when I say I’m getting the popcorn ready and hope they fully televise the liberation of CHOP/CHAZ/CESSPOOL.

One thought on “OK, YOU WIN

  1. You hit it exactly. These mayors and governors are more concerned with reelection and power that doing what is best for their constituents. “Lead, Follow or Get the Hell out of the way”


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