Bowed But Not Broken

I removed the post I had made on the website Nextdoor Pleasant Garden earlier in an attempt to demonstrate and rally support for Law Enforcement Officers and to demonstrate a personal belief in God and our great country. In spite of being a rabid Constitutionalist I chose to remove the post because what started as a spirited discussion was quickly hijacked by people whose only answer about everything was to imply or outright call anyone with an opinion contrary to theirs racist, and/or having no concern for black people.

Private messages came to me from people expressing a concern for the tone and direction the post was going and politely asked me if I would consider deleting it.  Despite a firm belief in the First Amendment, as a curtesy to my neighbors concerns I did. But being as pigheaded as I am I posted the following under “Ex Post…Who’s With Me”.

“You may agree or disagree, but what started out as a sign of support for LEOs and an expression of pride in religious beliefs was hijacked by a handful of radicals and used to spread their form of poison. I am a Constitutionalist by nature. In fact I am a rabid Constitutionalist and to take down my post is tantamount to forced censorship by those same people. To take it down is capitulating to them which is something that makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH and violates my core principals. I sacrificed 20 years of my life along with other things defending the Constitution. That being said, I will RELUCTANTLY take down the post for the peace of the neighborhood. But after doing so I will go and throw up in disgust and then pray for forgiveness from my brother and sisters in arms and my ancestors who sacrificed from the founding of this country to now, and for those that forced this action. To those that tried to have a civil conversation I apologize. To those that only want to spread hate, I’ll pray for you.

 Had the venom been confined to just me, I could have cared less and would have left it up. When challenged on judging someone they did not know anything about the reply I got was “come out from behind the sheet.” And I wasn’t the only one. Other people received the same comment for disagreeing or expressing a contrary opinion.

This is a classic example of how leftists, radicals, and extremists handle an intelligent discussion. When they find themselves backed into a corner they begin the name calling and insults. And as a final stroke they will attempt to dox anyone who disagrees with them in an attempt to destroy their lives on every level. And because most people and businesses lack intestinal fortitude they allow themselves to be cowed by a vocal minority.

Real American must stand together and not let the bastards win.

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