“To Arms…To Arms”

Has anybody heard of H.R. 5383 which was introduced back on December 10th f last year? It’s called the New Way Forward Act. Sounds impressive, right? Well, like any bill introduced by the (National Socialist) Democrats in the House its name is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

From the Bill as posted…TITLE I—End Mandatory Detention and Require Probable Cause for Arrest

That’s right, no mandatory detention a requirement for probable cause for arrest of any illegal alien entering the United States anywhere, any way. The bill calls for removing the law that makes it illegal to enter this country by any means other than a port of entry.

In simple terms, open borders.

From a summary of this abortion of law and order:

 “And even if an illegal is caught they won’t be detained or deported unless they commit a felony, and even then that’s no guarantee of deportation.

  Limits the categories of “serious crimes” under which an immigrant is currently barred from qualifying for asylum, changing the banned category to only felonies with a jail sentence of at least five years.

  Repeals or limits decades-old laws that limit immigration judges’ discretion, instead allowing it “if the immigration judge finds such an exercise of discretion appropriate in pursuit of humanitarian purposes, to assure family unity, or when it is otherwise in the public interest.”

  Prevents state or local law enforcement from the “investigation, apprehension, transport, or detention” of undocumented immigrants, as some law enforcement particularly in red states are doing.

  Repeals the existing law which makes crossing the border illegally a potentially imprisonable offense.”

The mask is off and the (National Socialist) ‘rats and their lackeys have shown their true colors and their lack of patriotism and concern for the American people, for our history of struggles and sacrifices to make this country great, for those that committed time and money to follow the law to become American citizens the right way, for those that have sweated and sacrificed to build great country. They don’t care because it’s all part of their plan to cement their grasp on power and forever lock out Conservatives and Republicans.

Their next step will be to give the power of the vote to everyone, legal and illegal, which will then allow them the ability to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” (sound familiar?). Once they have that bottomless well of power the Bill of Rights, the entire Constitution will be shredded and burned and replaced with something like the Communist Manifesto. But before that happens there will be a civil war like no other seen. And if that happens, I’ll be in the forefront.

I saw a great quote…”Be on notice, when I joined the Army I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. As far as I know, nobody ever relieved me of that responsibility.”

This won’t pass the current Senate (I hope) but their plan is to wait until they have both Houses and the Presidency. This, more than anything, should be the battle cry to get out the Conservative, Republican voters. If they win, the country loses. We all lose.

“To arms! To arms! The socialists are coming! The socialists are here!”

Alan Marshall

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