Karma…What A B***h

A word to the woke celebs on the left that have been referring to others as racists…Karma is a bitch.

Jimmy Kimmel, who announced he’s taking time off “to be with his family” right about the time his history of blackface performances on The Man Show resurfaced, is now looking at what could be the kiss of death for his late night and possibly entire career after recordings of him using the N word spoofing rapper Snoop Dog on a Christmas album have been brought to light.

Glass houses Jimmy my boy, glass houses.

And Tina Fey who is an executive producer for the show 30 Rock is having to eat crow over several instances of blackface performance on that show. NBCUniversal, which fired anchor Megyn Kelly for discussing the appropriateness of blackface during Halloween, is having to remove the episodes involving the blackface performances.

At this point I would say to them to remember the words of Jesus when he said let he who is without sin cast the first stone, but in order for that to have any effect the people it’s directed to would first have to have morels, scruples, and an ability to feel genuine regret for words and deeds, something those on the left do not have.

Always remember folks, Karma is a giant circle. It will come back around eventually. Memories fade but the internet is forever. Just ask Kimmel and Fey.

Hypocrisy, thy name is the woke left.

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