A Call to Action

With their permission, I want to share with you a post made by Bart & Olga on the website Nextdoor Pleasant Garden.

“The “Silent Majority” cannot afford to remain silent! It is a long way to November but we still have time to build our ranks and show some force at the polls! Many are with us but are afraid to stand up! Those are the ones we need to bring out of the shadows! Your vote counts and no one needs to know how you voted! There are way more honest and loving people on our side than the rabble rousers and dividers! Have faith and God will not let you down. God has helped us once in 2016 and now is the time for us to help ourselves! Thank you to all our true Patriots!”

Their post, so eloquently written, echoes things I have advocated in several of my writings. While months away, November will be here before we realize it. And given the current state of affairs, this election is going to have a major impact on the future of this country. The only way this insanity will come to an end is for ALL level thinking conservatives of both ALL parties to go to the polls put seal common sense leaders in office at all levels. More than ever we need REAL leaders, people who understand that the term “professional politician” is an oxymoron that is contributing to the destruction of this country.

I can’t count the number of times that people have come up to me and said they agree with almost everything I say but are afraid to speak out because they feel outnumbered. When my wife Julee worked at Greensboro College many of the employees and staff would tell her the same thing. Only when people begin to adopt the same attitude as myself, that being people can call me what they want to my face because I don’t care about what people that know nothing about me have to say about me. Anyone who knows me knows who and what I am and am not. I am urging every likeminded person to stand up and come “out of the shadows” as Bart & Olga say. “You have nothing to fear but fear itself.” There are plenty of people like you out here.

To get the changes needed to rid this country of the disease of radical leftist, Marxist, socialism attempting to devour this country, we need real leadership, not space holding puppets of the elites. To get this, people, all people qualified to vote, need to get out and do so. Nobody knows how you vote unless you tell them. And if asked and you don’t want them to know there are any number of polite, civilized ways to tell someone that’s your personal business. (My wife has told me saying “go pound sand” in a polite tone is NOT one of those ways. I don’t understand why not.)

I believe God moved people in 2016 because it was a way to confront the haters and the destroyers in a peaceful manner. We need that guidance again. We need to step up, otherwise we will find ourselves bowing down.

As Benjamin Franklin reportedly said, “We must hang together or surely we shall hang separately”

I want to thank Bart & Olga for the inspiration for this post.

One thought on “A Call to Action

  1. “United we stand or divided we fall.” The November election is extremely important. I like something I heard from Diamond & Silk. “ Vote RED, Remove Every Democrat.”


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