What Leadership?

By now, it should be obvious that the violence across this country has morphed from a single, tragic incident where a man was killed over a minor incident by a law enforcement officer into something as close to what could be called anarchy as possible without reaching that point.

Anything even resembling a statue is being attacked and destroyed regardless of who it is of or represents. Whole areas of a city, including a police precinct have been taken over and declared an automatous, independent zone outside of the laws of the city, not letting law enforcement in to maintain order. And the Mayor not only refused to allow action, she actually defended the madness.

Major cities all across the country have been taken over by mobs and anarchists. They pillage, loot, and burn almost at will. And when some are arrested, they are released with virtually no punishment. They have become so embolden that they are even demanding that cities change their names

The one question that should be on everyone’s mind is where the elected leaders of these cities are. Where are the elected representatives that the people put their trust in and pay their taxes to support. Oh wait, they’re the ones hiding behind their taxpayer funded security while throwing their constituents to the wolves, telling police to stand down and not interfere with the “peaceful protesters”. And if you’re not an approved business and don’t follow their rules you are not only not allowed to open, you will be punished for trying to make a living and put food on your table.

Yes I realize there is a pandemic still out there, but I have yet to hear one member of the (Nationalist Socialist) Democrat (or as I refer to them, the ‘rat) Party use the same standards and actions on the lawless mobs that roam the streets. And when things do come back on them they hide behind their minions and point a finger at President Trump screaming “ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!!”

Another important question that needs to be asked is when the police are no longer effective due to restrictions or even worse are not available or exist and you are forced to defend yourself, your home, your family, your home and/or business, what happens to you. When it’s a pack of animals, no police. You act in self-defense, there’s a police swarm on YOU. And it’s not the fault of the police, it’s the spineless scum calling themselves “elected officials”.

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