I am about to bring the unholy wrath of the ultra-woke, radical leftist, Marxist, socialist/communist, lawless, Democrat backed mobs down on my head (like I really care), and I want your help in doing it.

1700 year old statues of Buddha destroyed by the Taliban

The Tomb of Jonah destroyed by ISIS

An ancient temple destroyed by ISIS

The Great Mosque of Aleppo destroyed by ISIS

Additionally, be aware that when ISIS took over Aleppo and other cities and towns they imposed their versions of laws, judgement and instant punishment on the occupants. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan they also imposed their version of laws and punishment on the people

Am I comparing these roving mobs of looters and anarchists to the Taliban and ISIS? Look at the pictures that I’ve posted and look at your TV screen. Look at what’s happening in that festering sore they call CHAZ/CHOP/CESSPOOL or whatever.

But to answer the question…YES! Show me the difference!

Now, how can you help? Please feel free to post this to your social media. If you do, feel free to credit it to me in order to avoid backlash against you and yours. Also feel free to add whatever comment you wish.

To the mouth-foaming, rabid haters that will call me everything but a child of God, I have two words for you.


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