Robbing Our Fun

Apparently the new weapons of choice are paintballs and fireworks. Now you might not think of these as very dangerous weapons, but you would be mistaken.

When I was in the military we used to use paintballs in close combat training and it could become quite competitive, especially when units from outside Ft. Bragg would come for training. One day a unit of Rangers came in for training and part of their gear was several coolers, which we thought strange. Turns out those coolers were stocked with frozen paintballs. If you’ve ever been hit with a normal paintball you know it can sting especially at close range. Now change out those paintballs for a rocks fired at the same velocity and volume. Hits in unprotected areas could cause serious injuries such as the loss of an eye or broken bones in the face. Additionally, considering how well organized, equipped, and funded some of these mobs are it is not out of the realm of possibility that they could have someone manufacturing ammunition containing who knows what for these “toys”.

As for fireworks, everyone knows how dangerous these can be when misused. Have you ever seen what an M80 firecracker can do to a mailbox? I know a couple of people who thought they were far enough away when it went off and ended up in the ER getting shrapnel pulled out of them. How many stories have we seen every 4th of July about how Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is demonstrated?  Additionally, I don’t know if the stuff is still available, but we used to be able to purchase all the material needed to make our own fireworks thru mail order. Fuse cord, powder, cardboard bodies, etc. Frankly I’m surprised I survived to graduate high school. There have also been stories of late about innocent people, even a child, being injured by mouth-breathers who thought it would be fun to throw or shoot fireworks at people.

Make no mistake, these “toys” have been turned into very dangerous weapons by anarchists and radicals and this misuse spreads very quickly. Fireworks and paintball are fun recreations but thanks to these bozos they soon may be lumped in as “dangerous weapons not for general public use”. In other words, more nanny state government regulations.

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