What Will Happen If…

More and more we hear about police departments as well as officers being under attack and being the target of defunding or disbanding movements. They are claiming they can replace law enforcement with social and psychiatric workers who can handle situations without force or firepower.  The Minneapolis city council is already well on their way to doing away with their police department. Officers are quitting or moving to other locations where people still have a modicum of common sense. Just recently a chief of police in NYC up and quit, disgusted with how police are being treated.

Anyone who thinks these silly and dangerous concepts of doing away with armed, trained officers is the “right and moral way” deserves what they get. But what of the rest of us? We are going to be forced to live under the conditions these maniacs are trying to create. And when the touchy feely snowflake LEO wannabes has their feelings (and a few physical parts) hurt what’s next.

The topic I haven’t heard anyone discuss is will we, the ordinary citizen, get the same treatment as the rioters and looters when we find ourselves having to defend ourselves, our families, and our homes. Are we going to be given a pass for whatever we legally do? Or will there be outrage and demands that we be punished because we took what they will claim was vigilante action to do what should have been done by actual trained, professional law enforcement officers. Because we didn’t hold hands and sing songs or just roll over and give in to the hoodlums, we need to be reeducated…oh and our only means of self-defense taken away because we don’t need it.

It is at that point that I for one will stand firm and say Molon Labe…Come and Take Them.

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