Is This The Tipping Point?

We are watching the systematic disassembly of OUR country. And it is being quietly encouraged by leftist, radical socialist (Democrat) elites, celebrities, politicians at all levels (Democrat AND Republican), and outside forces using big money to finance all of the above.

We do have a few that have stood up and spoken out. Check out my newest hero…

And this Sheriff in Clay County Florida…

These are the people that should be on every news feed across the country but won’t be for that very reason. ‘We cannot allow this sort of thing to get out. It might start a countermovement that will reverse our progress in the destruction we accomplished so far.’

I saw the following quote, “1984 was a novel, not an instruction manual.” I would beg to partially differ. For these anti-American seditionists it IS an instruction manual. And so is Animal Farm. I highly encourage everyone to read or reread these books. You also need to get your children and grandchildren to read them. But don’t stop there. After they read them, talk about them. Educate them using factual history, not the half-truths and omission riddled pabulum being force fed in the government run propaganda centers we are FORCED to pay for with hard earned money taken by force under the threat of imprisonment, aka taxes.

Earlier I said this is being encouraged by politicians, both Democrat and Republican. New Alert…the Senate Armed Services Committee, who passed the amendment calling for the renaming of Army posts named after Confederate officers, is a majority REPUBLICAN committee. That amendment would not have passed without at least one Republican vote. By the way, read the amendment, it doesn’t just rename posts; it goes way, way further. President Reagan used to be a Democrat, but switched parties in the 60’s. When asked why he left the Democrat Party he said “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me.” Maybe it’s time for a new third party, say a Constitutionalist Party who’s platform is based on the Constitution on both the National and State levels, so that frustrated, disgusted, disillusioned Republicans can switch to. After all, if the Socialist BLM movement can do it, why can’t Conservative Americans (notice it’s all inclusive with no color specificity on membership) do it as well.

Speaking of reading bills written by our “elected representatives”, look deep into those bills. A large number of them, when written, will include verbiage somewhere in there that EXEMPTS THE PEOPLE ENACTING THE BILL!!! That’s right, it applies to us, the unwashed masses, but not to them. Also, those clowns have the power to vote to give themselves pay raises. And I’ll bet you don’t know that all they have to serve is one term of 2 or 6 years, depending on which chamber, and they get LIFETIME benefits. Military veterans have to serve 20 years or get mutilated to get anything, and even then we have to fight tooth and nail to get it and keep them from cutting what was promised. Theirs don’t get cut and probably get increased regularly. And again it’s not just Democrats doing this, Republicans are guilty as well.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. This national situation has degraded to the point that we are quite literally tittering on actual, physical revolution the like of which was last seen in this country in 1776. What else would lead to record gun and ammo sales?

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