“I Are A Better Edumicated Activist Then You”

People are asking how we managed to get to this point. How did things degrade to this level? It happened mostly due the apathetic attitude that crept into the majority of the American people.

The education system was slowly infiltrated by socialist/communist actors going back as far as the 60s. I can remember back in my biology class in high school, our teacher was advocating the ZPG (Zero Population Growth) movement, calling for families to only be able to have 2 children in order to prevent overpopulation. Oh, by the way, that’s the current policy BY LAW in China. He even worked on recruiting students to attend meetings and rallies. Folks, I’m 67 years old so that should give you a perspective as to how long this has been going on.

Fast forward a decade or two. Schools began a slow, methodical move away from teaching the three Rs, actual history, geography, and non-aligned social studies to a more indoctrination oriented mode. They began adding non-essential social based classes. Teachers were allowed to inject their own personal political opinions and views without repercussions. Then the push for Common Core, a national education standard. In essence this is an attempt to nationalize the education system removing it from local control. Local meaning the people it impacts most, the children and their parents who would no longer have a say in what happens in their tax payer built and operated schools.

It had already taken a major foothold in the colleges and universities across the country, and has, like untreated cancer, spread and taken over body academia.

The American education system is the open window for communist/socialist/anarchist indoctrination of the young people in this country and has been for many years. We have allowed education and indoctrination to go hand in hand throughout the system. Two of the best tools for encouraging this have been the system of tenure and teacher unions. Nothing short of murder or child molestation will get a teacher fired, and even then I wonder if those will work. Teachers pulled from classrooms are not fired. They continue to be part of the system, get paid as before, continue to get benefits, but don’t teach. In some cases they just sit in an empty room yet still get paid. Your tax dollars and tuition payments at work folks.

This sort of sedition and, in my personal opinion, child abuse will continue until the American people stand up and take back control of the education system at the local level. Also it requires the complete elimination of the Federal Department of Education. Care to try to count how many Presidential candidates have promised to do that?

Oh and here’s another interesting point about that department…it was created by a DEMOCRAT President, Jimmy (Good Old Boy Peanut Farmer) Carter, who also was responsible for doing major damage to the Armed Forces, another standard Democrat tactic.

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