Sta Unitum Nos, Cadunt Non Divisit

Tomorrow has the probability of being a major turning point in the madness that is sweeping our great country. Tomorrow is the day we celebrate our independence from Great Britain and the beginning of our ability to dictate our individual future.

Anyone who doesn’t think tomorrow will be filled with violence and destruction lives in a dream world. What started with the senseless, tragic, horrific death of George Floyd has gone beyond that to a single minded effort by socialist, communist, and anarchist groups to dismantle and destroy America and turn it into a collection of mob ruled fiefdoms run by power hungry individuals, of all colors, who are no better than third world dictators. Any dissent, any voice that speaks contrary to what they say is right is quickly silenced by any means necessary. In other words, they want slaves and peons, not free people.

Many people are beginning to believe this is the start of what will turn into a civil war. Not a war between states but a war between philosophical beliefs and views, or worse, a race based war.

One of the biggest organizations guilty for the current situation is the BLM movement. They are guilty of colorism, which is defined as discrimination based on skin color. It is a form of prejudice or discrimination based on skin color. I defy any follower of the BLM movement to deny this. Every time someone challenges the movement by claiming all lives matter equally they are accused of being a racist and destroyed. By the very action of attacking anyone who says all lives matter the BLM followers are explicitly implying, if not outright saying black lives are more important than any other. The movement cannot afford truth to take hold.

When some liberal icon who’s been rabidly showing their wokeness and ‘heartfelt support’ for the flavor of the moment has their past actions of stereotyping people or culture, performing in blackface,  brought up today they publicly flog themselves, beg forgiveness, say they’ve grown, learned and have moved past it, they are forgiven by their sycophants and held up. Why doesn’t the same standard apply to our country’s history? We, as a nation, have learned from our past, which is why it’s important to preserve it, not destroy it. We have looked at our actions and used that knowledge to make ourselves a better nation.

Is there racism in this country? Yes. Is it “rampant”, “institutional”, “wide spread”, as some try to make it seem? No. If BLM was honest, they would be looking inward as well. Is all the blame there? No. But the entire problem is not one group as they would have you believe. If the truth came out, the upper leadership of BLM would have nothing to keep them in power.

We are in a battle where the final prize is the soul of America. Like the Civil War (or will it soon be called the First Civil War?) this is going to form a new America, assuming it survives as a united country.

Sta unitum nos, cadunt non divisit

Alan Marshall

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