US Out of UN, UN Out of US

The WHO has admitted they lied when they claimed China reported the covid-19 outbreak. The result was it was allowed to escape and spread, be it intentional or unintentional (something I personally seriously doubt).

This pretty well proves that the virus was here well before it hit the headlines. Some people, like me, saw the warning signs in minor news articles talking about a pneumonia-like sickness taking hold in Wuhan. President Trump was not slow to react. When he was finally given the information he reacted quickly and properly. The problem was he was informed too late and even then with wrong and/or false information. If anyone is to blame, it’s the UN worshiping sycophants in our government.

Anyone care guess how many times America, along with some of very close allies, has been screwed over by the UN, directly or indirectly? I have always been a firm believer in the saying “US out of the UN, UN out of the US.” They hold us in such high disregard, let them move somewhere else. We could use the real estate for something much better.

Lately they have been making noise about how we should be getting on board with some of their liberal, globalist ideas and directives. Did you know that when US troops are tasked out to a UN mission they are not under the control of their Commander in Chief?

Additionally groups (*cough* BLM *cough*) here in this country are advocating for UN intervention in our country. UN Blue helmets on American streets forcing UN guidelines and mandates on American citizens. An organization that puts countries run by dictators and despots on committees responsible for investigating human rights violations, that’s who I want to put my trust in. In summary, we are in this covid-19 mess primarily because of the UN, not the President. And one more thing to think about, doesn’t it seem like these various “protests” seem to have cropped up pretty fast and appear to have been rather well organized so soon after the virus crippled our country?

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