Those Rascally “Peaceful Protestors”

From a news report on September 23, 2020

“The city of Seattle has hired a Black Lives Matter activist and convicted ex-pimp to be its “Street Czar,” paying him $12,500 a month for a year to come up with “alternatives to policing.””

While they were doing this, they were overriding the Mayor’s veto over defunding the police. This is resulting in 100 police officers being terminated.

Let me see if I have this right…They’re firing 100 trained, certified law enforcement officers and then using the money they save to hire a BLM activist who was convicted of human trafficking, aka pimping, and had tried to get the CHOP mob to help him extort 1 to 2 million dollars from the city, as a “Street Czar” and want him to come up with “alternative to policing” for the city.

You cannot make this stuff up.

They have video of a U-Haul truck showing up within an hour of the Grand Jury results in Louisville unloading 4×8 signs, shields, gas masks, water bottles, and who knows what else on the route of march of the “peaceful protestors”.

What are the odds?

And as I’m writing this, they have confirmed that a police officer has been shot by a “peaceful protestor”. This after the “peaceful protestors” apparently got chilly and began starting fires around the city and also apparently began playing a game of catch in front of the police lines and couldn’t seem to catch what they were throwing and it apparently “accidently” landed among police officers.

Oh those silly, clumsy “peaceful protestors”.

But hey, we shouldn’t be surprised. The BLM/Antifa/Marxist/socialist lackeys of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party have been more than vocal about their intentions, plans, and goals, not to mention their tactics and methods.

Alan Marshall

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