They Want To Go Down That Road? Let’s Go

So many on the left, including high level members of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party, have decided to publically, unapologetically, increasingly start to refer to President Trump and his administration as Fascists and Nazis, maybe we need to do a comparison of the actions of the real Nazi Party and how it grew to the malevolent, near terminal cancer that infected the world and the actions of the BLM organization, who have admitted to being a Marxist radical group.

It’s the liberals, the Marxists, the communists, the social justice whiners, and every other radical leftist mob decided they want to go down this road, so buckle up.

In the earlier days of the Nazi Party, they organized a paramilitary arm known as the Sturmabteilung or the SA. They were better known as the Brownshirts, based on the uniform they wore. Their function was a simple one, act as the enforcement and intimidation arm of the Party. They would provide the security for Party functions and rallies. But an important mission for them was to foment unrest, confront and disrupt counter-protests to the Party, disrupt the ability of the government at all levels, undermine and intimidate law enforcement, and intimidate the German population into supporting the Party and it’s objectives.

Fast forward to today.

The BLM organization rallies what they like to refer to as “peaceful protestors”to march and in most case they do start out peaceful. But once they have the anonymity of the crowd to hide in, the intimidation and violence starts. How many times have we seen people being confronted by these lawless mobs and being brow beaten into yelling “Black Lives Matter” and/or raising a fist to show solidarity with the mob. They march thru an area intimidating people by invading their personal space and in some cases physically assaulting them.

When pro-Trump or anti-BLM rallies are organized, they descend on them like a school of Piranha and use the same tactics of intimidation and assault to attempt to break them up.

So to summarize, it would appear that there is a similarity between the SA Brownshirt of the 1930’s and the Black Lives Matter organization of 2020. Same goals, same tactics. The only difference I see is they have allies in Antifa who provide additional chaos and add to the destruction being used to attempt to intimidate and threaten ordinary citizens into submitting to them.

Alan Marshall

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